Goannas V R246 Lions

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Written by Bash Brother (September 24th, 2013)

Bit of a rough day for our beloved Goannas.   There is little denying that the Tokyo Goannas are the flagship organization of the Japanese Australia Football League, but this is the first game these Goannas ever played together.  The growing pains were a bit obvious as the Goannas fell by over a hundred points.

There were positives to be taken though, as Evan -the Kareoke Kommandant- Kerr showed some pretty impressive leadership.  Missing a rugby match to lead the Goannas onto the field, he lead the troops well; tied, losing, or getting smashed, the order bellowed forth “Keep your head up boys”.  It had to be said, and it was appreciated.  As was Richard -The Brave- Binnie, running water and cheering on from the sidelines.  Johnny on the spot with the water, though gasping for air, many of us couldn’t spare a breath for the drink.

The usual contingent being keenly missed, Oceans battle plan was to get big Alex in the ruck whilst Arms would be the target so that Mikey could opportunistically clean up.  It was a good plan as Alex won contest after contest and Mikey contributed two quick goals from excellent positioning.  Dirk played manfully in the middle and will benefit for the cohesion a few more matches will bring.

The Goannas fell down early, despite some heroic defending from Simon.  It was easily his best game in a Goannas uniform, he showed some real determination turning goals in to points and smothering, deflecting and harrying several goal attempts.   Not to be outdone, Oceans put the Lions number one on his personal hit list.  He marked him and ran with him until he spewed… literally.   Showing presidential elegance Oceans managed to get off the pitch before jettisoning some weight.   At half time the Goannas weren’t completely out of it.  Perhaps a slightly antisocial helping of sausage rolls being the difference, but a disastrous third quarter saw the game out of reach before Bash Brother was able to marshal the defense.

It was a game to remember; during next week’s training.  Battered but unbowed, the Goannas kept playing in the forth quarter; and though everyone of us could have, not one man gave up.  Especially evident was Grant -the country not the mammal- Wales getting back on the pitch after all was lost, in spite of suffering a knee injury in the third quarter.  That exemplifies the spirit of a team that can win back a great deal of pride in the upcoming Japan cup.

Match Score
Goannas: 2.0 3.0 4.2 5.4 (34) Lions: 6.2 10.7 16.11 21.16 (142) Goanna goals: 3 Trav Wilson, 2 Mikey Liddell