An interview with Dirk

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Has the Goannas ever had a Dirk take the field? After sifting through the club archives, it seems this year might see the first: an athletic lad from Geelong by the name of Dirk Van Dalen. A monumental moment.

Having attended every training session and making his debut in Thailand, Dirky boy has finally shaken off his ankle ailments suffered in the humid climes of Pattaya, and will be making his regular season debut this coming weekend against the R246 Lions. He will have a big name to live up to.

The Goannas were able to sit down with him recently and put ten very important questions up for answering. Hopefully it will help you find out more about the man behind the name.


How has your first year with the Goannas been thus far?
It’s been great so far! I’m really enjoying having a kick again since I don’t think I’d played a game of footy since under 13s (chuckle). The highlight would definitely have to be the awesome trip to Thailand for the Asian champs last August – If we can leave aside the results on the field (laughter).

Who do you barrack for and why?
Carn the Cattas! Geelong supporter since I was a kid. Definitely a big influence from my old man who has been a Geelong man since he was 10 when the cats won the 1963 grand final. The fact I went to high school in Geelong is just a coincidence by the way.

What is your preferred position?
Center half bench (hi-five and laughter). But seriously I’m happy to play anywhere I can get a kick. I usually get slotted in the back line somewhere but I’m looking to push for a spot in the forward line and hopefully kick a few goals in the near future!

What are some plays on your name at footy training?
They’ve been surprisingly uncreative to be honest (cheeky giggle). Usually get a “Dirky” or “Dirka”

Are there any pranksters in the team?
I think everyone likes to have a good laugh. Tommy (Tom Bowes) strikes me as a bit of a joker around training. Don’t ask me why though (laughter trailing into deep thought).

Who uses the most hair products in the club?
I’m probably going to have to nominate myself for this one (wink and chuckle). Don’t mind a bit of wax in the hair, especially on non-footy days.

Favorite milkshake?
Chocolate. Use to love a good chocolate milk shake when I was a kid, but haven’t had a decent shake in a few years!

Any superstitions?
Not really. I’m a pretty logical type of guy, but my lucky number is 8. I wear number 9 on my jumper though (shrugs and more laughter).

Halle Berry or Kiera Knightly?
Kiera Knightly, especially when she had short hair!

Which Marvel Avengers would you be?
Tough one. I’ve never been a big fan of comic book characters to be honest, but I would have to say the Hulk. Imagine having that guy in your forward line (shaking hands to end the interview over a few more laughs).



This here is a rare picture of the man, the only one the club could find. Come this Sunday (Sept. 22) there’ll be no more hiding from the cameras. Go get ’em Dirky.