Goannas V Magpies Rnd 5 Match Report

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Written by Bash Brother, 12th September 2013


Except for a few sporadic hangovers, conditions couldn’t have been better on a beautiful

Saturday afternoon. The few Goannas that were able to adapt to the Saturday game

this past 7th of September put in a strong performance against a brave, if undermanned

Magpies Squad.


The game started roughly as the Magpies were able to score a couple of quick

goals in an oddly subdued beginning to the game. Sorely missing Oceans influence in

the midfield and steady target presentation of Arms, this was a game the Goannas would

have to learn to win.

The lesson was provided by Robbie -Captain Marvel- Scarlett, Daniel –Lasty-

Last, and Evan –Nickname Pending- Hitchman. Tireless in the midfield and benefitting

from the excellent rucking service of big American Patrick, the midfield gave enough

time for Jimmy Morvell‘s calming influence to settle down the nervous backline. Jimmy

made his considerable effort seem like a walk in the park as he made marks look easy

and distributed the pill smoothly into the midfield. Bash Brother and Grant

communicated well to limit the opposition from then on, with Simon coming on to eat up

valuable minutes as well as show some good judgment in the air.


From there it was it was all downhill, Luke –Lukey- Eyes making marks both

spectacular and dubious used his typically excellent kicking to peak effect scoring some

very nice six-pointers.


Big Alex provided a painfully unfair target, though credit must be given to the

Magpies for manfully defending the man-mountain and limiting his damage and keeping

the big man under five goals. One of the moments of the match was look of pure terror

on the magpies small defenders as they were being chased by Alex.

Special mention has to go out to Evan Hitchman, playing only his second game

for the Goannas, he was at the centre of everything, keeping possession, winning it back

and showing grit thoughout the performance. Mentioning special efforts, we can’t forget

Lasty, scoring from a difficult angle on the run after a comically unnecessary shepherd

from Bash. It was a great day for the midfield.

But this day clearly belonged to one member of the team: best on ground: Robbie

Scarlett. From his inspiring half time speech about getting stuck in and hitting someone,

to moments later when he clobbered some poor fella in the opening minute of the third

quarter. Scarlett hit goals, won possession, distributed, made marks and generally

dragged the goannas kicking and screaming to victory.


It was an important victory at that, as the Goannas are still in the show and with

some luck in the percentages (or a beneficial steroid scandal at the top). Two more wins

and the Goannas could still take a shot at the finals. All because of we few, we happy

few; took the field that day, and to the end of time shall be remember-ed.