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How does one write a match report without much of a memory?

Thanks a lot Oges.

After a bit of a mild migraine for two days due to some friendly fire courtesy of David Ogilvy’s thigh (thank goodness for some padding there), this reporter have let things stew for about two weeks after the game to see if he could come up with a full detailed match report.
A great tussle against the most formidable opponent yet in Senshu Power deserves one.
Alas, nada. Bits and pieces flash by in a disjointed timeline.
Yet, one thing not forgotten is that Rob Scarlett the coach told us we lost the game against the plucky boys from Senshu. However, the JAFL website clearly states the Goannas got up by  32 points (102-70). Surely concussion wasn’t at play. Or was it?
So, upon investing a bit of hard earned in some psycho therapy, a few important snippets of the crucial Round 4 clash has re-emerged.
Still, it is hard to discern if the memory of Rob Scarlett’s disappointment after the game remains true.
Images dredged from the deep recesses told of a defensive quartet consisting of Dan Last, Bash Brother (Dennier), Oceans, and, yes, Oges.
Despite the Power forwards possessing a great advantage in speed, the Goannas defensive unit were grim with grit, willing to take out one of their own for the greater good.
Bash Brother continued his personal quest to one game legally decapitate somebody. With such determination, he’ll certainly get there one day.
Oges and Lasty provided plenty of defensive cover. Although Power key forward Yoshimura showed his class booting 5 goals, it was a lone effort as the rest of his comrades were shut out.
The defensive foursome led by Dave Ogilvry putting up a zone Ross Lyon would be proud of.
Then there were the Goanna guns. The memory bank flickers back on every now and again showing the usual dominance of Scarlett powering out of the center square. Inside outside player that’s nigh on untaggable.
The highlight reel flicks over to Trav and Dan McGrath who kicked a lazy 6 goals. Those two were on a mission. They destroyed the Power defense. 8 goals between them, setting up others, and making sure the ball stayed above ground level.
Was it just a dream or did McGrath kick a goal after the siren all the way from the next prefecture?Amazing.
Then the remembrance stops upon the other Goanna forward line heroes. Luke Eyes with a best on ground effort. Given the BOG award after the game his response was ‘What for?’
For demoralizing their back line. 2 sizzling goals and countless weaves through traffic for the man who can’t be tackled.
The Behemoth (Wyatt), not to be outdone, soared into the sky (whilst his feet was still planted firmly on the ground) and plucked down two big grabs. True to form, he converted both.
The memories are coming back fast now. A little too fast perhaps. Must take a deep breath lest visions of Oges thigh shatters the resolve to recount once more.
Grief, the deep breathes aren’t working. The mental faucet must be busted. It is all coming out now in a torrent of highlights and tomfoolery.
Milts almost touched a Boeing 787 on his way down from taking a hanger. No question the winner of Sports Supplements Mark of the Day (cue radio slapstick music). Even better than the mark was Milts game. Provided both the defense and midfield with aggressive-minded support.
How brutal were American Mike and Mitchy Ainsworth. No I didn’t forget the question mark, it wasn’t a question. They were beyond tough inside the packs and Mike with ruck duties.
Speaking of American Mike, playing his second game ever, the affable Yank almost created a new religion when his sensational snap from the boundary missed by an aedeagus (a word worth googling). It almost had the crowd on their knees.
Just as exciting. Nick Fabrici is enjoying his footy. It is easy to remember that smile. The banter. The long winding runs with the ball. He loves carrying the pill. Was that his last game for the Goannas? Back to his homeland for a crack at the big leagues soon. He will leave a gigantic hole.
Suddenly, a tear drops. It stays there. Like a tattoo. Either from the Fabrici’s leaving too early or the scene of Mikey Liddell breaking his leg in half . The on-field collision stuck on a continual loop. There goes the tibia. A war wound for a loyal lizard. A long arduous path to get back to full fitness awaits. Get well acquainted with the hyperbaric chamber Liddell. We’ll be waiting.
To dampen spirits further, an unpleasant memory of losing the game wafts over the collective snapshots just accrued. Something doesn’t feel right.
Wait…hold on…
Surely Rob Scarlett in his post match speech was heard saying, “I’m in two minds today boys. We played hard, tough footy. I thought it was our best effort, yet we didn’t come away with the win”.
Did he not say that?
Then why doesn’t it feel like a loss?
Unless…he mistakenly mixed up the teams on the scoreboard and so it was all an innocent mistake. We actually won the game and everyone thought as much.  Except the coach.
Bingo. That’s right. It’s all coming back to me now. A confused Nick Fabrici pointed it out. “We didn’t lose”, he remarked.
An even more confused Scarlett gave off a quizzical stare.
“Look at the scoreboard”, Nick pointed out. “We won”.
Glancing at the direction of Nick’s finger, it finally dawned on Scarlett. There was no turning back from such a mistake.
Slapping his forehead , relief and maybe a little egg washed over Scarlett’s face. “I’m done. Milts please take over”.
Surely not coach!
We need you for the big one against the Dingoes. Top of the ladder clash!
Indeed, the next round will be a cracker. Goannas on the road to Osaka.  Looking ahead, a few questions need to be answered.
1. Will Alex Niebruegge redeem himself with the next boat race?
2. How far will club Prez Dan Atkins throw his chicken parma this time?
And finally,
3. If, God forbid, we lose, does that mean coach Robbie will tell us we’ve won?
Stay tuned Goannas. We’ll soon find out.