2011 Goannas go Camping

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Goannas at Nojiriko

  The Goanna camping weekend was a great weekend for a number of goannas. The crew was Lukey, Hitomi , Sebastian (first time camper), Los, Dan , Kayo, appsy, and on the Saturday Rob and emm. We all headed to Nojiriko which is a beautiful lake in the middle of picturesque Nagano.

Every day was cooking reading sleeping, swimming and pasing seb who is only five months old! On Friday appsy and Kayo turned up early about 12ish and set up their tent which was an experience for Kayo as it was her first experience. Lukey and his team came at 4ish and they were lucky to have appsy and Kayo to help and hinder them. After that we all started the fire and got the lamb roast into the webber. Once everyone had a well deserved swim and a few beers. After the swim and beers the night started and more beer. Everyone had a great night with beers and chat.

The next day Los was up early and doing work and the boys slowly with dan and hey you sleeping most of morning. The next night Rob and em arrived and there were mori beers & stories. The next day the boys and girlshad fun on the wake boards and

more of the same that night. the drive back to Tokyo was slow but everyone was satisfied that ad had a good weekend away
Always remember the goannas are the team that are always doing something!