2011 Tokyo Goannas vs Senshu Powers

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                                  Goannas vs Senshu Powers

Goannas with Heads High!
On an overcast day, the Goannas went into the match against Senshu Power with newfound belief after last rounds sterling last gasp win. As with every round this season, a host of debutants joined the team including some foreign to the great game. The team was however bolstered by the return of spearhead Plugger Sully and Peter ‘Crawf’ Furness. Nick Uttings, manning the coaching duties with Lavs certainly had his work cut out for him although for the first time this season he can rely on the ol’ tried ad true Goanna gameplan of “kick it to Sully!”.
  The game got off to a fast and furious start which was the exact opposite of what the more seasoned, unconditioned Goanna boys were hoping for. Senshu really put the sword to the opposition early with 5 quick goals to start the match. It was all catch up from there. New recruit Tristan showed great potential early keeping his team in the game and proved to be a cross between Jack Ziebell (big bullocking rover) and Kevin Bartlett (why handball when you can kick it?). Sully finally kick-started the Goanna account with a nice mark and lead goal not long before the quarter-time siren. The Power scored too many of their goals from men running through forward of their centre in that first quarter and the Goannas would have to really work harder to congest the play if they were a chance.
                  Sully is Back!
The boys were breathing fire after letting themselves down early and came out with a rocket up their collective behinds. Big Mike went into the ruck and the Goannas started to dominate the clearances. The Goannas key av’s, Trav and Lavs, started to get their hands on the leather and as per usual, made the most of their possessions. Walesy also showed that he could play abit, going in hard and often. However, it was the awesome contesting work of forward duo Sully and Lukey who finished off the work done down the ground driving the Goannas to within 9 points of the lead. The Power seemed stunned at the turn around and really struggled with the bigger bodies of the opposition. After burning rubber with their speed early on, the Senshu boys found themselves eating turf more often than not in the second quarter.
After going into the main break with a game on our hands, the third quarter unfortunately started much the same as thefirst. With the Goannas defence constantly under the pump. The Power sparked back into action and held the ascendency for much of the term. If not for some admirable defending from Shepp, Spacey, Pete and Danny Atkins, it could have been a lot nastier than it was. The tempo was certainly lifted and Oceans found himself being accused of a big night out before the game after he hurried off spewing forth his lunch and gatorade all over the centre wing boundary. Even the teams bigger men like Adam Tiberi found it hard with so many bodies clinging off him without any relief from the umpires. No doubt, the Goannas were outrun and went into the last stanza with two mountains to climb.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Andy Lav showing the Way!
The hope of a comeback was dashed in the first few minutes when Oceans, after copping another dubious freekick, gifted a goal to Senshu with a fifty metre penalty after calling the ump a f**** t***. Although Oceans steadfastly maintains the ump deserved it, he still copped a self-imposed fine (pitcher of beer). Fair to say, the Power powered away with the game after that although the Goannas never threw the towel in. The boys Adam, Simon and barging Irishman Tristan kept at it as did Walesy who got his hands very dirty and Spacey who copped some heavy friendly fire but played on. Also great to see Andy P get through the game unscathed after an injury interrupted preseason. His cool under pressure was much needed amongst a group who played so little footy together.
Although the margin stood at 61 points, it was far from a debacle. After the match, the Goanna spirit and camaraderie was still high with the boys and their lovely WAG’s plus loyal supporters drowning a few bitter beers and had a few laughs. Special mention must go out to the supporting ladies of the club Kayo, Hiroe, Ann-Marie, Fumie, Mayuko amd Momoko who came out in full voice. Nobody wants to win more than these boys but it isn’t called a family club for nothing. The highlight of the day came in the last quarter when the match officiating incensed the bench to the point where the great man Appsy was heard letting off a ripping angry roar perforating nearby eardrums. It was beautiful.
   Tibba showing his technique.
With their backs to the walls, the Goanna boys will be out for redemption next round where it will be a mini-final. Do or die time.
Finally the Goannas would like to thank the three new boys Tristan Fahy, Adam Tiberi, Simon Woodhatch and all the boys who heeded the call of Andy. We may have lost on the field but the club was the winner!