2011 Tokyo Goannas vs Komozawa

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                                      Goannas vs Komozawa Magpies

Tokyo Goannas

Komozawa  Magpies

First Quarter
Second Quarter
Third Quarter
Final Quarter


Final Score


The Team

Pre – Game

The Goannas were looking in a very dire position before the last game. Our numbers have been decimated by earthquakes, tsunamis,  nuclear accidents and babies, but in the true Aussie tradition someone always puts their hand up. Luckily the hands came from  boys from the  HMAS Darwin. These sailors were outstanding contributors to the Goannas game and started a new pre-game warm up tradition with cold beers.  Interestingly Liam Walters (Knackers) had been in Tokyo eight years ago as a school boy and had played for the Goannas. The following day the boys ( Must have been smoking Pete!)   took him out for more than a  few beers. Hence this was his second game in eight years. so we could really stretch this story that he is an eight year veteran of the Goannas.





The Game

 Komazawa Magpies went into the game against the mighty Goanna’s brimming with confidence. The Magpies knew there was probably never a better chance to knock off the reigning champs, who went into the game with their backs firmly pressed to the wall. Said wall probably sustained an indentation such was the Goanna’s predicament. Half the team had never met each other let alone trained or played together. Players went in underdone with injuries and having not trained due to horrendous weather. No doubt, Komazawa smelt blood and had their wings ready for liftoff.


Fortunately, the Goanna’s won the toss and got first usage of a handy wind. The HMAS Darwin boys made an instant impact with vital contributions from the outset, especially the the Goanna captain of the day “Katta”.  Woodsy in the ruck was awesome and he released  Andy Lav to do damage around the ground. Travis Wilson was on fire early with some great long goals making use of the wind and Oges helped rebound from the back line on numerous occasions.  Pheasant and Jezza was running really well and picking up a  kick or two even though it was his first game of footy.  “Knackers” coming off the bench had an instant impact on the game and a poor Japanese boy. Gordie ad Shep we interchanging well and using their rugby skills well on the Japanese opposition. The main break saw the Goanna’s go in with a handy lead courtesy of some inspiring footy from the big men of the team.
To the Magpies’ credit they regrouped and came out pecking relentlessly. A five minute burst sathem kick four unanswered goals running the opposition off their feet. Some sluggish running from some tired Goanna players caused concern as the memory of being overrun in their last game against the Dingoes were still fresh. Knackers began to use his head and was into everything head and all. Knackers with Katta had taken on the mantle of Goanna enforcers and they did a splendid job. The Magpies had their feathers up and were whooping and hollering all over the park as they rammed home goal after goal. If it weren’t for some find Andy Lav efforts it could have been a blowout.

A stern talking to at half time by coach Lavs fired the boys up and with all the energy left in the tank came out firing on all cylinders. Pheasant was running the loose man in back line to the wing and anywhere else we could use him  and the goals he kicked really helped. Spacey was a rock down back with Katta and the Woodsy starting to dominate the clearances and contested ball. The boys from the navy were having a ripping quarter. Grant Wales going in hard too. Having regained the wind also helped as the Goanna’s kicked 6 goals for the term and held a 28 point lead going into the final stanza.




The last term was always going to be a war of attrition. The Magpies had a large deficit but they had the wind and the Goanna’s surely had run out of legs. The first few minutes were a see-sawing affair before Komazawa broke loose with some deadly kicking from their forward Sato. From then on they had all the momentum holding sway all over the ground. The boys in red and white though never stopped running and with leaden legs and gasping lungs lunged for loose balls, hard balls and tackles like their lives depended on it. Knackers was still running hard with Jezza and Pheasant. The last few minutes was a riveting affair with Komazawa needing a goal with two minutes to play. They got the ball down into their forward line and had a few half chances which were snuffed out with some desperado defending. Although unable to run the Goanna’s were able to trap the ball causing many ball-ups and holding the rampaging Magpies at bay. With the intensity verging on overload, one mistake could’ve changed everything, the siren sounded to the cheers and jubilation of all Goanna people around the ground.


Komazawa players gave it everything and almost came away with an amazing win, full credit to them. But, the game truly showed the guts and spirit embodied by the Tokyo Goanna’s who did it with injuries to two of their star players during the game, Andy P and Danny McGrath. A win under dire circumstances and holding on with bare fingernails. The team song was sung with absolute gusto although some of the boys evidently didn’t remember the words. A win for the ages!


The boys of the Darwin were straight into the song and we think that they did a better job at remembering the song than other old Goanna Hands who have been around the club for a few years. After the festivities at and around the ground. The boys headed off on the train to their Hotel and onto Roppongi where they were joined by a very thirsty Steve Fabrici who had tackled the driving duties of the day.  The Navy boys left in the early hours off the morning. Unfortunately a few of them went missing but were all gathered up by the locals so they all made it home on time.

Finally the Goannas would like to sincerely thank all the boys and girls from the HMAS Darwin and for their support on the sidelines It was a terrific day and it will be remembered for a long time to come.