2011 Osaka Dingoes vs Tokyo Goannas

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Goannas Win Boat Race in Osaka and Go Down Valiantly in the Footy

The Team ( Please excuse the photo appsy didn’t have his glasses on!)
The Goannas Lose as They Run Out of Players

It was a tough tussle in Osaka town on a wet and slippery Saturday evening. Unfortunately the Goannas lost the opening round of the JAFL season, The earthquake, tsunami and fatherhood has decimated the Goannas and so with the probably the smallest contingent of Goannas ever the boys played a game in Osaka under lights, But not to take away from the Dingo boys who were also down in numbers and so the game started with 9 aside.

The First Quarter

Down in numbers not pride the Goannas started the game well and were lucky to get lots of run out of the two youngsters Oceans & Nic Fab, Lav was giving away a few inches but it didn’t stop him from winning a few knocks. Mikey was some  great work with a few twists and turns giving the Goannas a great forward option. Dan Atkins was always in the mix in the first quarter but the wind wasn’t helping the delivery to the forward line .

At the end of the quarter the Goannas were down by two goals.
The Second Quarter

The Goanna comeback with the wind in our sails. Mikey did some great work with a few twists and turns. Nick and Oges were doing a great job and the wind was in our sails. We lost Peyton early and we  missed his run and drive. But early goals in this quarter left us three points behind the Dingoes.
The Second Half


The second half was less convincing due largely to the injuries of Peyton & Atkins (going down with a split chin) for the remainder of the game and Nick the Russian’s dodgy knee went again, leaving the ground for several minutes allowing the Osaka boys to get back into the game. The new recruits preformed admirably with tough football from Big John Fab, who had his shot from 40 out being marked on the goal line by the smallest player from the opposing team. Oceans who was hard at all day and really deserves a few votes. and Young Nick scoring a great “dangerfieldesque” goal on the run.  A special mention should go to Shep Dawg who played one of his best games ever and continually tackled  harassed and ran all day.

In the end the Goannas were just underdone due inconsistent preparation but there are signs that we will win a few games as the season goes on . Finally congratulations to the Dingoes for hosting the match and coming out the winners in a tough tussle.


1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Final Scores
Dingoes 3.3 1.3 4.5 4.3 86
Goannas 1.1 3.2 1.1 2.1 47

Goal Kickers:
Goannas: Mikey 2, Travis 1, Young Nick 1, Andy Lav 1, Oges 1
Dingoes: Genki 4, Wenske. 3, Tsutsumi 2, Aoyama 3

Best Players
Sam,  Genki,  Lavender, Oceans, Nick Utting

Goannas Win Big in Osaka – The Boat Races

Andy P


The Goannas went down on the field but redeemed themselves in the ‘Footy Apres’.  The call went up early for a “boat race” which was epic and had a “Goannas Win” written all over it.  The first race saw the  lizards off to a flying start through the fine efforts of “Big John” and “Shep Dawg”. Unfortunately, the dingoes were able to claw their way back into the race via a “Scot” who seemed to dribble considerable amounts of beer!


Not to be outdone  and with  the thoughts of the Gold Coast’s Suns stirring first up victory in the AFL, the Goanna cordially invited the “Osaka aussie dogs” to go again. After the utilization of the much maligned substitute rule the Goannas were ready for win in this rubber. Round Two went down to the wire but with that “never give-up lizard character” on display and  grabbed the second bone from the “Osaka aussie doggies”.
The scene was for a best of three and it was and truly time for the boys  to “get it owwwwttt!”.

Unfortunately the puppies elected a newcomer and unfortunately the poor bloke was not a  boat racer and succumbed to the goannas pressure. This poor fella, now known to his mates as “Frothy” or the “Human Bubble machine”, stepped up to the plate and proceeded to entertain the boys with his imitation of a “human beer geyser!”  This decider was a crushing defeat of the dingo dogs  by three lengths.

The Honors List

Big John Fabrici- three sets and buying more than his fair share of his beer

Shep Dawg  a seasoned tourist!
The Worth Noting Award

T.rav , the 101 game veteran,  sniffing a  Goanna win and a chance to add to his trophy case,  slipped into the last round team even though he hadn’t done the hard yards of the first two sets!

Thoughts of a First Time Tourist



My frist trip with the Goannas started off and I introduced myself to the boys who probably thought to themselves, “ Who’s this little “Oriental Chap?”. Nonetheless it was a very warm welcome and we made our way to Osaka for the big game. Once there we had to wait around for an eternity before the game started. The boys made use of the time showing their best “National Geographic shots” and increasing their local lexicon with colorful expressions such as “Gunt”

By the time of the first bounce went down. I was whipped up into a lizard frenzy and ready to steal some the dingos baby at home. During the warm up I had already punched Oges fingers much to his chagrin.

The first quarter  went by quickly and we were very rusty as the coin I’d thrown down the well when I was five! The second quarter was inspiring stuff by the boys led by our supercoach “Lavs” literally tearing the fur off a poor dingo. Fab Junior stepped up too with a good goal on the run…After the first half there was not much to comment about except to say well done to the Dingoes on a great game.  The Goannas showed me the meaning of real gut running and the two boys who showed me this were Nick the Russian and Young Fabs.

The showers afterwards was probably  the most painful torture I had to endure with calls for me to show a bit of gunt and I wasn’t sure to laugh or cry since I wasn’t exactly sure what the “gunt” is!

Thus ended my debut for the mighty Goannas . Cheers to all the boys for taking me in from the cold, dirty streets of Roppongi slums. Hopefully I will repay them with a goal of the year next time. Thanks for the time and get on board with the Goannas.

Sunday in Osaka

The Goannas slowly surfaced  from our luxurious accommodation  and the Sunday was a great day walking around Osaka looking for food  & watching Shep get photos with every gorgeous girl in the street. We missed our old leader Ronnie who always tried to find the best local cuisine but eventually we found  an “all you can eat”  Indian buffet. The  restaurant was great and we made a lot of friends. After that we headed to Osaka station and back to Tokyo. The boys were spread near and far in the carriage but our president slept in the reserved section since he is the Pres!.




As you can imagine what goes on  tour stays on tour but Nicko, Shep, appsy and Oceans. Had trouble finishing the tour so they continued the tour right up to Shinagawa with a more Tour Cleansing Beers. We were joined by  Mayuko oceans very attractive girlfriend and believe it or not Dan Jenkins made a cameo appearance. Eventually after last calls for five times we finished and headed home!

Finally …Bring on the second round !