2010 Grand Final Breakfast

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   The Grand Final Breakfast Part One
Written by Team Goanna
This year’s Tokyo Goannas Grand Final Champagne Breakfast was one of the best formany years. It was great to see the red and white Goanna shirts so early on a Saturdaymorning, although a 9:30am kick off this year ensured a few of the boys were not so chirpy. Rumors abounded that Nick camped out for the night so he wouldn’t miss the first attendees on the door. Chris the chef at Paddy Foleys and Zeeshan, the effervescent bar manager, were in at first light to prepare one of the best Aussie fully cooked brekkies North of the equator. The crowd was into the champagne early, but it wasn’t until later on that the bubbly took its toll, no stories here but we will just say that the boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves as the day progressed.
Grand Final AFL trivia competition & Sweeps
As the first bounce of the Granny drew nearer the Saints and Pies supporters grew more and more tense…  Putting his own nerves on the back burner was Dan McGrath who was officio of the famous Grand Final AFL trivia competition, with some curly questions separating the footy otaku (desperados) from the “normal” punters.  Team “Smith Street” comprising of Spacey, Dan A, Andy L, Wendy dominated the field to take home the chocolates (replaced on the day by Fosters Pure Blonde Polos and Caps). Travis,@Appsy@and Oges are still disputing a few questions but Dan said they were nowhere near the money! Oges and Loz were busy early selling sweep tickets to the ever growing crowd.  Dan McGrath won first Goal with Darren Jolly’s first kick and Suria McGee winning the Norm Smith with Lenny Hayes.
By the time INXS had rocked the G and the National Anthem was sung Paddy’s was heaving with over 200 footy fans packing the establishment; both inside and outside was full to the brim; the VB was departing the ice bins as quickly as it could be refilled. The bar counter was jumped too as a friendly Fijian  had to be  escorted out …luckily for the Goannas he found his way down to Legends and that was the last seen of him!  Finally, as die hard Pies supporters, it was great to see Dan M and Spacey getting closer that day! Love was in the air!
Game On
Collingwood got the early jump on the Saints and held a 3-4 goal lead throughout the first and second terms.  At half time, with the margin at 24 pts, many of the Pies supporters thought the game was in the bag but rued two late Travis Cloke misses. This gave the Saints supporters some hope. Spacey and hundreds of Pies supporter were almost cracking the champagne. But the more knowledgeable Goannas Lukey, Appsy and someone we can’t remember thought the game was still on!
The 3rd term saw a Saints comeback and the atmosphere became electric. Then Andy Peyton rocked up from Osaka and won the Goannas Legends cap.  In the fourth term, after trailing all day, Goddard took a screamer and the Saints hit the front with six minutes to play, it was a feeling of disbelief amongst the Collingwood supporters and utter joy for the Saints faithful.  This was then reversed minutes later when Collingwood again regained the lead by a single point.  Everyone in Paddy’s held their breath when Lenny Hayes snapped the ball forward with only a minute on the clock, the ball beat a hard running Milne and registered a point, leaving the scores level at 68 all… the way it finished.  Both sides and their supporters were a bit flat but were still alive to fight on the next week The only person who could not contain his joy was Neil from Paddy‘s because everyone would have to come back again and fill the bar the following week – a historic moment – only the 3rd drawn grand final in VFL/AFL history dating more than 150 years!!
It was great team job by Nicko, Oges, Lukey, Loz, Minami etc and to all the Goannas and their guests for coming. Finally the Goannas would like to thank Arun from NAB and Mick Lay for firstly sponsoring the Club and secondly for taking the time out to join the Goannas Breakfast Function.

The Grand Final Breakfast Part Two
After the nail biter of the week before, the replay was a far more relaxed affair. Chris the chef at Paddy’s again out did himself with some traditional Aussie favorites for lunch the old chicken Parma or for the real traditionalists a splendid fish and chips. To the Pies and Saints fans it must have seemed like Ground hog Day.  Luckily again Oges and Minami held the desk in the morning with cameos from other committee members and Oges and Dan A did the rounds for the sweep and first goal. It was great that Ronnie, Huddo and Sully  could make it back from O/S trips and holidays to join in the fun for the second Grand Final in a week.
After some Lionel Richie “magic” to kick things off the Pies got off to a great start and were never really challenged.  It was interesting to see the Pies supporters but Spacey was still clinging to Dan’s shoulder still nervous in the 3rd quarter when they were 8 goals up… Unluckily for the Saints there would be no fairytale this time round and certainly no Collywobbles and the Pies went on to win by plenty.
After the game the boys continued to party long into the night with Dan, Nicko, Huddo, Wayno and Ronnie still partying at midnight – more than 12 hours after their first drink.  The good night came at the cost of a significant hangover, I’m sure the boys were wearing the sore head and crook guts as badges of honor all Sunday where they had to play a footy game against the Hawks (which they subsequently lost by 3 pts – no surprises there!!).
Lastly, AFL season 2010 has only just finished and I am missing it already!! Bring on 2011!!
Team Goanna.