2010 Tokyo Goannas V Komazawa Magpies

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Tokyo Goannas vs Komozawa Magpies

September 12, 2010
Written by the Team !
It was a once again a great day for the Goannas on Sunday and they came out from under every rock and stream to play down on a tiny pitch on the Edogawa river.  The starting time was four but because of a late setup, and a few blokes getting lost, we started at four thirty. The coach was late and totally surprised that even Spacey had turned up earlier than himself. The Goannas were eager on the track and even “Arney” Rodey’s pug got on the track for a warm up. Huddo marshalled the warm ups and the boys were well primed for the job at hand.
                                                                      Trav and the boys enjoying the warmup!
The ground was a little bit smaller than the YCAC but the 1,000 yen booking fee cannot be overlooked as a true bargain!
First quarter
The first quarter was a real tussle between the Goannas and the Maggies. The Goannas summer of zero training showed with many balls dropped, mis-kicked etc However Rodey was doing great guns in the ruck and Carl and Wayno were  having a field day roving off his superb taps. As usual Huddo was doing well in the quarter and luckily for the Goannas he showed few of those summer cobwebs that affected the rest of the team! Our backline will look very good for Shianghai with Andy Lav, Nick the Russian looking very strong and Huddo commanding the troops. Peyton as well was showing some will and determination and down back along with Oges and Woodsy when they were subbed. Finally Dylan had taken Sully’s mantle and turned up halfway through the quarter.  Oges finished the Qtr well showing some form and is was evident that training was paying off as he showed a little more zip than usual!
At the end of the quarter the Goannas held a slight 2 pt lead but clearly had plenty of work to do.
                                                                                   Rodey flying for a mark!
Second quarter
The second quarter started a lot better and Woodsy got into the action with an inside out goal “typical Rugby background kick”.  He has promised to teach the boys this later as soon as he remembers how he did it.  Dan McGrath contributed with a helicopter punt 50m up and 50m down and the new boy “Matt“ from Maryborough was doing very well and will be a good asset as we come into the business end of the season. Dan McGrath was on fire in the guts and drilled a nice long range goal.  Spacey was showing some tenacious form and it must have been the early arrival since he racked up up a few touches.  When Rodey came off he left the job to American Mike who game by game is improving with skill and determination and on today’s performance probably grabbed a few Bebbington votes, along with an angry man nomination after copping a hit to his coodies. Towards half time Carl was lucky his career didn’t end with some daring play running in front of Rodey at full pace and taking a speccy.  Ronnie was looking comfortable patrolling the centre half forward area and he will be very handy in this area come Shanghai.
                                                                                            Nice fend off by Lav’s
Third Quarter
This was the premiership quarter and the bigger bodies of the Goannas began to wear the magpies down with constant tacking and strong defence. Dylan was running well and Sully finally found the big sticks after some errant kicking earlier.  Trav as usual intimidated the opposition with his guns and tackling pressure.  Some nice play from Lav to Carlos ending in a fantastic end to end goal. The Goannas were looking like a team There was talking backing up and all the things that a good team should do. Dan Atkins kicked truly with  nice drop punt and strong grab. Richo, Lukey Eyes, Jimmy and Appsy on the boundary was doing great mustering the troops and the girls were putting there all into making sure that Finn, Sully’s new bub, was ok!
                                                                                          A bit of Speed by Dan A
Fourth Quarter
The Goannas defence was rock solid with Andy and Huddo doing  a great job as usual. Wayno kicked the Goal, of the season after also missing several attempts and could have ended with a bag and we will be going through the video to make sure it goes down it Goanna history. For his good work he was dragged! Maybe he needs to shout Richo a few more beers so he will stay on the track..  Dylan in the ruck did a great job and we will have to put more pressure on him for a Shanghai appearance. And the word from the boundary Nick the Russian had a Carey like manner up forward with strong leading but failed to take crucial grabs which would gave given him shots on goal.
Komozawa rallied in the last half of the quarter and kicked four goals straight but the difference was too great.  All in all it was a great day and a solid hit out before Shianghai.
Best Players
Wayno, Dan McGrath, Rodey, Huddo, Andy Lav, Dylan, Spacey
Many thanks to the JAFL, the girls for supporting Finn for coming to his first game and Arnie the pug!
Goal Kickers
Dan McGrath – 3, Rodey – 2, Carl McGee – 2, Travis Wilson – 1,   Wayne Richardson – 1,  Ronnie Mitchell –  1,   Patrick Sullivan – 1 ,Trevor Woods –  1, Dan Atkins – 1, Andy Peyton – 1
Final Score
  The photo gallery will be updated in a couple of days!