2010 Tokyo Goannas V Senshu Powers – 11 July

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         Goannas Three From Three after tough win under lights at Yokohama

Finally the Goannas had a game in Tokyo and they came from near and far to play. It was a great turn out of friends, new players and supporters in spite of the atrocious weather which resembled a late season typhoon. Our man in Roppongi Richo seems to be intent on drafting tall players and the Japanese oncecalled Sully and Ronnie the twin towers. Now it seems we have a metropolis of talls – Rodey, Lavs, Brendan and the new boy Dylan.
The Game day coordinator was Ronnie since the 2010 prez is currently basking in Bali and Nick is engaged in a sojourn in Italy. Ronnie is well known for early starts so most Goannas were there two hours before the sunset and the game started two hours after! The Goannas game was preceded by a game between the Nagoya Boys and the Komozawa Magpies. It was good to have a look at the opposition and Nagoya has recruited quite well and travelled to Tokyo with a strong squad of 16 players, but luckily for us a few of them will be leaving soon!
1st Quarter
Powers 3. 3
Goannas 3. 3
The Goannas started the game kicking into a strong (gale force) head wind and it was going to be tough getting goals. It  was a fast and  furious opening with the voice of `huddo` barking orders ands rallying the backline brigade alongwith Andy Peyton – the generals were on guard down back!. But it was a tough time down back with that wind. And luckily for us Woodsy helped keep it together in the absence of Simon Cumming. Carlos was in great touch in the centre and coped a few hits but looked as though he might have picked up a few votes for the Bebbington this year. Travis was picking up kicks at will and he looks as though he might get another LM award. The breeze was a big factor in that quarter and the Goannas were held to only three goals. Mikey ( good old 69!), Sully and Ronnie all scored once each in the first term and Dan M played a great game in the guts and helped keep us in the game. Dylan the first timer was doing well and Rodey was doing superb in the ruck and around the ground taking numerous marks. Oh by the way spacey did the old late appearance trick as usual!
2nd Quarter
Powers  4. 3
Goannas 9. 4
The Goannas had the wind in the second quarter, and the height factor. Unfortunately the rain continued and the `fat` side of the ground was getting wetter and wetter. Carlos, Wayne, Rowey and new recruit James Young (aka the Tortoise) all ran well despite the conditions. It seems we were doing more with the ball with Lavs taking a grab or two and the normal strategy of kick it long to Sully was working well. One of the highlights of the quarter and even Ronnie was not only using his body but his jaw to stop a ball from a furious snap by Travis. It was a good team effort with everybody contributing something considering the shocking weather conditions.
3rd Quarter
Powers  8. 5
Goannas 13.5
The third quarter the rain came down in bucket loads and goals were harder to come by. Being a tall team it was testing conditions for the Goannas against the hard ground running and handball game of the Powers. But the Goannas still managed four goals for the quarter. The running players were doing their jobs but our tall timber was having a terrible time. We never blame the umpires but it was a pity that our boy `Shep` Laid a magnificent spine extraction tackle on a power boy only to be penalized….maybe we need the replay camera!
4th Quarter
The last quarter was a neck and neck affair and the Powers really looked as though they were gonna break the game open as they narrowed the lead with 4 straight goals into a dying breeze to get within 8 pts with 5 minutes to go. It was not until half way through the quarter that the Goannas broke back and goals started flowing. The highlight of the quarter was American Mike kicking his first 6 pointer for the Goannas. The sight of his enthusiastic celebration was a cracker! You would almost think that it was his first ^%$#$#…and we all thought that is passion! The game played out after this a with a goal or two more but the Goannasran out winners by five goals!
It was great to see Dan Atkins leading Wayne and Carlos doing the warm down.

Great after game commitment with a few beers at the bar before hopping on the train back to Tokyo with a few more beers courtesy of the Club.

The Goannas would like to thank Suria (AKA- Tell Carlos I came early!) and her entourage of Jody the Kiwi bloke, Jo the British lass and Tony the Irish chap. We are always happy to have supporters so it is really appreciated. Annmaree, `I’ve got the money for the beer!, Scanlan and the JAFL reps.
Final Scores
3. 3
3. 3
4. 3
9. 4
8. 5
12.5 (77)
17.7 (109)
Carl 4, Sully 4, Dan Mc 3, Mikey L 2, Mike Anderson 1, Ronnie 1, Rowey 1, Wayne 1,