Nagoya Redbacks vs Goannas

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Nagoya Redbacks vs Tokyo Goannas
Nagoya Game Score
Team Goals Points Score
Goannas 7 9 51
Redbacks 5 9 39
Goal Scorers
Sully – 3 Goals
Trav – 3 Goals
Brendon – 1 Goal
James – 1 Goal
Goannas Win Again in Nagoya
On yet another wet day in Nagoya, a small bunch of Goannas braved the Shinkansen and the weather to make the trip down for the round 3 clash against the Nagoya Redbacks. Both teams met up and it was very civilized on the train to the
ground however once the first whistle was blown, the gloves were off and it was clear that both teams were here to play. The lack of a real umpire was a bit of an issue but the fill-in umpy from Nagoya was consistent if nothing else – there were a lot of ball-ups and very little holding the ball decisions.
The first goal of the game came from Nagoya’s Dan Jenkins (one of his 5) in the first minute and it was looking gloomy for the Goannas. We managed to kick 2 goals straight and took a small lead to the first break. The middle 2 quarters were tough in the greasy conditions but the superiority of the Goannas in the middle and coming off half back made for a winning lead by the third term break.
Goals game from Sully, Trav and new tall Brendon Bolton kicked his first for the club. His 6 foot 6 frame was hard to move from the goal square. Nagoya kicked the last 2 goals of the game and got within 12 points but that is where it stayed and the Goannas won their second game of the year.
Both teams hit the town after the game and from all accounts it was another huge night on tour. I am sure we are all looking forward to a home game next up.