2010 Goanna Ladies night

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The First Gaonna Ladies event ever was held on the 8th of May and was a great success. On the same morning, the boys travelled to Osaka to take on the Dingoes in their first official match of the JAFL season – perfect excuse for the ladies to get together for a testosterone free night and a few fancy cocktails. We, 12 of us all together, started the night off at a Mexican restaurant where we indulged in a variety of typical tex-mex fare whilst enjoying a few frozen margaritas and mojitos.
Dinner was followed by a singing session at the Belinda Carlile concert (yes, that right… a bit of “Darling leave the light on for me” or “Jonny, leave the light on for me” if your name is Helen) held at Bilbords in Tokyo Midtown. Despite her age (and her casual attire – tracksuit pants and slippers???) she put on a great show (can definitely still sing) and played all the songs we wanted to hear (well, the 4 that I knew anyway…).
Of course, no night out in ‘The Pong’ is complete without a visit to McGumbos or Follies (both of which, fortunately or not,  we managed). McGumbos staff humoured us and kindly played our post concert Belinda request. We finished off the night with a visit to the “Chicken Man” (1/4 chicken and chips served until 6am – what more could you want??) and then headed home to bed.
Thanks again to all the ladies for coming out and making the night such a good one. Hope to see you all (and anyone else who’d like to join) at the next few events (Day at the Races coming up – details to come).