2010 Huge Goannas opening party on Anzac Day at Paddy Foleys

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The Goannas opening party on Anzac Day was an absolute cracker with over 100 people coming down to Paddys to remember the Diggers, watch Collingwood thrash Essendon, drink some Aussie beer and play a bit of Two up!

It was great to see all the Goannas, new and old, together for the first time this year. It was also brilliant to have the JAFL crew attend as well as everyone else who showed up to watch the match and get involved in the day. We also successfully recruited a number of new members, both players and social members, so we are looking forward to see them all at the upcoming events (and games) for 2010.

President, David Ogilvy, started the day off in a respectful manner by explaining what ANZAC day represents for Australians and their families. This was followed by a observing a 1 miinute silence. He then welcomed everyone and thanked our major sponsors, Mick Lay Motors and NAB.

From the measured welcome, the day slowley transformed into a lively, very Australian afternoon. The footy, unfortunatly, was not the greatest game ever played, but the crowd kept a keen interest to see who would take the best on ground, an thus who would win the ¥10,000 raffle prize. Scott Pendlebry ended up with BOG and the lucky “Bathurst Brothers” greatfully claimed their prize. Dan Atkins won the raffle for 1st goal and shoutied his nearby teamates to a round of VBs. The Aussie tunes pumped from the speakers for the rest of the afternoon, the beer continued to flow and the evening ended, for some of us anyway, in a traditional manner – with a visit to the kebab shop!

The 1st annual ANZAC day event turned out to be hugely successful, for the club and all involved, and will, no doubt, continue to be a great opening event for years to come. We would like to extend a BIG thanks, again, to all involved:

Paddy Follies – for the Aussie beer and Pie specials

Carl and Luke – for the flyer design and Metropolis ad

and everyone else who helped out on the day.