2008 Tokyo Goannas v Senshuu Powers

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Tokyo Goannas v Senshuu Powers

The first quarter saw a flurry of quick goals to the Goannas as Bedi, Huddleston and Cumming dominated the half back line and ensured plenty of delivery into the forwards with Mitchell and Sullivan marking strongly and providing early goals.

The aggression and attack on the football made the Senshuu boys think twice and Breen (Game Day Captain) provided some strong physical pressure through the middle along with McGrath in the midfield and Shepperd down back.

The second quarter was a devastating one for the Goannas who linked strongly across the ground to maximum effect. 8 goals in 15 minutes of inspired team play had the game decided at half time. Rowe and Wilson read the play very well to bring up goals while the duel ruck combination of Huberts and Archer ensured our midfield had plenty of the ball. Utting, in his first game for the Goannas, impressed as a swingman across half back and was well supported by other half backs in Ogilvy, Rudolph and Valentine who cleared the back line on several occasions. Hill had a purple patch in the 2nd Qtr with some outstanding handball which released midfielders resulting in some nice goals. Running goals and strong marking by the rotating forwards ensured the half time lead was a healthy one.

The third quarter was party time for the home team with constant rotations ensuring everyone enjoyed some ground time. Smith, at the grand age of 45, impressed with his “goal of the day” contender up forward while Huddleston menaced the Senshuu forwards with his aggression and attack on the footy, which earned him the “Rexona 1%er of the Day” Award. Sullivan up forward was proving too much for the Senshuu boys who could do nothing to nullify his influence.

The final quarter was the icing on a very impressive game by the Goannas who ran strong throughout. Rowe was particularly damaging kicking 2 goals off the half back line and Bedi up forward lead strongly and finished with several shots on goal (and plenty of points). Wilson, Cumming and McGrath finished well and ensured the Senshuu boys scoring opportunities were limited through excellent tackling and some tough body work.

Following the game, the Goannas enjoyed an afternoon of beers at the Radission venue and supported the Leopards V Magpies game before heading back to Tokyo on the bus. Special thanks to Annmaree Scanlan for her assistance throughout the day (oranges at half time were a treat), Andy Dunlop who generously assisted with the many beers that made there way back to the ground for post game celebrations and Steve Smith (deVere&Partners), one of our financial sponsors, who provided some additional beers for the bus trip home.

Well done to everyone who contributed on the day and made it such a success.