2008 Spring Fever hits Goannas!

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Spring Fever hits Goannas! 

It was a big turnout of old and new faces. Dan McGrath ran the training and he was very lenient on the boys, but we can expect that to change! Little Jimmy, an old goanna from five years ago, mentioned that when he held training the only time the lizards ran was to get to the bar! Times have changed! Huddo, last years best and fairest winner, Ronnie (our prez!) and A-Dog (Resident Court Jester!) were leading the pack and look set for a good season. Hubes was motoring along well and from his track form he might be challenging Huddo for the KB Trophy! The new boys on the track were Sully who found his way here via the Barfl. Luke a first timer with the goannas did well and told us that he hadnt played for five years! Jason a new boy from Adelaide was leading the entire running. The yanks, Jerold and Mitch fitted in well considering the fact they have not touched a Sherrin ever. The Old Blokes Steve, Roger and appsy finished the training and went on for a few more cold ones at the bar. They surprised people with their stamina and skill! Rogers children Sarah and Thomas were running around entertaining the boys and reinforcing the fact the fact we are a family club! After training the boys headed off to the bar and the club provided a few coldies to relieve the aches and pains. Dont forget if you are reading this and you werent part of the action and fun you have ask the question, why? Hope to see you soon on the track! All the best the Goannas!