2007 Kim Beb Best and Fairest Award

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Kim Beb Best and Fairest Award 

We held our Annual Best & Fairest Vote count and player review yesterday at Paddy Foley’s bar and had a great afternoon. It was very pleasing to see such an excellent turnout with over 25 players and supporters attending the event. 2007 was probably the clubs biggest year, in terms of games played, with a record 17 individual games and 4 separate tournaments; JAFL regular Season, Shanghai Cup, Bangkok Asian Champs and the Narita Cup. The spread of votes throughout the games was very even and congratulations to Craig Hudleston who won the 2007 Tokyo Goannas F.C. Best & Fairest with a total of 16 votes.¬†



Kim Bebbington Best & Fairest: Craig ‘Hudo’ Hudleston


Runners-up: Ronnie 'Rotten' Mitchell 

Goal of the Year: Chris 'The Gun' Thursfield 

Mark of the Year: Travis 'Pencils' Wilson 

Best Clubman: Andy 'Mac-man' Kuhlman 

Goanna Rising Star: Anthony 'Rowey' Rowe 

Bump n' Grind 'Best Tourist' Award: Mikey 'The Devo' Liddell 

David Ryes Jones 'Angry Man' Award: Jim 'Spacey' Cole 

Jackson 5 'Best Hair' Award: Simon 'The Mohawk' Cumming 

Goanna 'Near-Death' Award: Travis 'Pencils' Wilson 

2007 Retiring players: Shane 'Ricey' Rice, Ben 'Ballsax' Saches, Donovan 'Dono' Newton, Matt 'Hotdogs' Reilly, Mike 'Mikey' Bowen, Andy 'Mac-man' Kuhlman 

Raffle Winner: Ben 'Ballsax' Saches