Goannas teach Gokongs a muddy lesson

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The ¬†Goannas made solid ground in their quest to make the grand final today with a clinical 68 point thrashing of the Gokongs at the Komaba Dustbowl-cum-Mudbowl.¬†Despite a relatively competitive first quarter the Goannas proceeded to show their opponents how the game is really played with three quarters of group running, effective shepherding and strong marks. The final score was a resounding 116-48.The Dustbowl massacre of the Goannas by the Samurais in May was made a distant memory on Sunday as the Goannas made their intentions clear that it was not to happen again. To the Gokongs the Goannas opened a can of Wupp-Ass and can now claim the Mudbowl of 2003. The Goannas display in Narita was pleasing but the effort shown in the mud on the weekend was the best game the team has put together this year. This could have been a danger game for the boys as the Gokong had players capable of running away from the Goannas, however the Red and Whites had a job to do and they did it very well. The first quarter was tight, it was extremely difficult to hold your feet, as a few of the boys took some Nancy Kerrigan like slides across the ice, oh Mud!!!!! Big Rich opened the account for the goannas, and Brett at full forward stamped his mark early and put through his first of many. We held a good lead at half time, however it was the third quarter where the Goannas really took charge, Brett was a menace in the air for the Gokongs and he was only too happy to finish off the hard work of all the midfielders who just kept pushing the ball forward quickly. Travis took charge all across the ground , first gamer Ryan was fantastic on his skates, slipping and sliding everywhere, and did a fantastic job as the team chameleon, (the lad was just covered by mud, we couldn’t see him at times). The Cap’n Pete had a good game and put some sausage rolls (3) on the board, one in particular where he was buried from behind then jumped up took the free kick and secured the goal from a missable angle. Another first gamer, Derek (Kiwi) used some of his All-Black blood with some good runs, and teamed well with Rob in the backline. Luke did a great job on the wing, Deadman put one through, Nick H didn’t get dirty but was solid in the centre and the Kyoto connection put his body on the line, well done Aussie! Callum in short bursts was strong continuing with his strong tackling that downed many a foe at Narita. Now if he could get them in a half second earlier…. The team used their bodies well, sheparding and bumping to make position, It was great to see. All over the ground we had winners, the centres just didn’t stop running and throwing themselves over the ball, Goals were methodical and skilful, except for the Sav Rocca I missed. Running around with Brett ( 6 goals) up forward gave me the chance to see first hand just how much effort everyone put in, His and other goals were due to the hard work put in further up the field. The Gokong proved to be no easy beats, and we had to work hard, we played with some pride in difficult conditions throughout the game to come away with the MudBowl 2003 with 11 goal margin, 116 to 48. and a chance for the club song to echo around the ground for the first time in the competition.Best players: Ryan, Travis, Pete, Rich, Brett.
Goals: Brett, etc.
Report by Coach Cam

There was also a two quarter mix game between a combined GoKong/Goannas team and the Samurais after the main game. Good run for the Sam’s before they go to Australia next month with a fairly even contest. Thanks to all the guys who madfe the effort to play a second a game (hurting as we were) and best of luck to the Samurais. The Samurais were taking a lot of their shots at goal at around the 30 meter mark which was a good thing to see as they will need to adjust to the bigger grounds in Oz. Have a good trip and bring back some scalps! And some cordial, Tim-Tams would be nice, Rexona deoderant getting low, Deep Heat, 4n20’s, Tosca leather goods, Pelaco shirts, Patra, if you can find a plate with Captain Blood’s face on it….

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