2007 Goannas vs Senshu Uni

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2007 Goannas vs Senshu Uni 

Match Report by Ronnie

Teams: Tokyo Goannas V Senshu University Power 
 Sunday 17th June
Venue: Radisson Hotel Narita?GFP (Goannas Football Park) 
 Warm & Dry
Final Score: Goannas 21.16.140 defeated Power 4.8.32
Goannas Representatives
 Players Mike Hoops Huberts ?Captain?, Flanno (Angry Man), Trav (Guns), Ricey, Hector (H-Bomb), Rotten Ronnie, Benny Ballsax, Jason, Mikey, Mark, A-Dog, Space Man Jim, Banker Brenton, Hudo (The Voice), Catwalk Brenton, Hamstrung Michael, Xavier?X-Man?, Simple Simon, Coaching & Support Staff: Coach Stonesy, Dano McGrath (Oooh Ahh), Roger the Stats Man, Andy (Mr. Meat), Gerald (G-Bomb), AnnMarie (all round Legend)

1st Qtr The Goannas started slowly with the Power breaking the ice and slamming through the first major before the TGs clicked into gear. Flanno, Ricey and Saxxsy combined well to thrust the ball forward and their hard work was capped off by 2 first qtr goals by Ronnie (6 goal game). Hudos run out of the backline was brilliant and he linked nicely with Jason and Catwalk Brenton to continuously thrust any forward attacks by the Power. Hamstrung Michael blew out his hammy in the opening 5 mins and was forced off the ground with the X-man making his debut for the TGs with some gutsy in and under work. The H-bomb (3 goal game) blitzed in for some lovely roving and registered a nice major. The TGs went into Qtr time with a handy 4 goal lead. 2nd Qtr Again a slow start cost the TGs an early goal and the nippy Japanese boys were darting all over the magnificent GFP. A-dog came on and immediately provided some solid contests and strong voice to back up Huddo deep in defence while Trav started to pump his guns and win the ball across half back. Mark played a solid game and took some strong marks and smashed open some packs (and Power players) with his wily rugby experience. Banker Brenton chipped in with some lovely tap work and the midfield once again was on top. Catwalk Brenton provided some inspirational pack smashes as he tried to lose his model image and was determined to spill some blood for his team (but avoid a black eye which could have cost him a big contract). Simple Simon also showed some great first game form and he took some grand marks down deep and pushed forward on a number of times linking with Ricey who muscled his way around the contested ball to finish with a number of possessions. 3rd Qtr AnnMaries half time oranges were well received by all the lads as they reminisced over their footy hay-days back in AusLand. After a sterling half time address by Captain Stones and some encouragement by Roger the Stats-Man and Dan McGrath who provided unparalleled boundary riding commentary, the TGs were well placed and were keen to maintain their superior physical aggression at the footy and assault on the goals. Huddo again was inspirational with some excellent voice and reading of the play and provided a 3rd Qtr highlight with an excellent run through the guts and a fine long running goal from outside 40m. The Space man repelled several forward surges by the power and dished out some excellent clearing handballs. The X-man provided a brilliant spark with a huge boundary run in which he competed at 3 individual contests. Flanno played a cracking game and was sure to be amongst the votes as he continued to win the ball all over the ground. His hard-at-it style wins praise from team-mates and opposition players alike. He did receive clanger of the day for an inside out, googly, mongrel-torp which went out on the full. Hector, in his last game also starred with some great running and roving goals and Mikey (3 goal game) was setting himself for an inspirational last Qtr. The TGS went into the final change in a commanding position and were keen to give the Power a footy lesson in the last. 4th Qtr Hoops in his maiden game as captain was exemplary with a magnificent last qtr and drilled several goals (3 goal game) which was sure to catch the umpires eye come votes time. His slick celebration running away from goal was Russell Robertson like and a sly grin and a short fist pump signaled that he was a happy man. Mikey had a sensational cameo in the last and he dodged and weaved his way around several Japanese Uni boys to slam through a couple of mesmerizing goals. Trav provided another last Qtr highlight with a huge dangle in the middle of the ground – he launched off a Power players shoulder with his knee to take an absolute beauty before his many adoring fans. He then topped off an exceptional grab with deft disposal to drill Rotten Ronnie on his chest. Ronnie up forward was also rewarded with some excellent midfield and ruck work from Trav and Saxxsy to slam on 3 last Qtr goals. It was an amazing last qtr with the TGs booting 11 majors for one of the best qtrs in their illustrious history with Coach Stonesy commenting during his post match press conference; thats probably the best game I have been apart of as coach. The boys celebrated their 100+ point win with a raucous rendition of the club song before embarking on a recovery pool session. They then hit the Radisson Hotel Sports Bar where the beers were flowing freely, with the club putting on several jugs for the victors. The Bus trip back to Tokyo was another highlight as the TGs set up a bar at the back of the bus with a few carry-on lagers. Some hilarious stories made sure the laughs were flowing all the way back to Tokyo – a cracking day all round!