2007 NAB Auskick clinic at Aussie Embassy

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NAB Auskick clinic at Aussie Embassy 

The Tokyo Goannas joined forces with the Australia Society and the National Australia Bank to present the first NAB Auskick clinic for kids in Japan. Held at the annual Australia Society Easter BBQ at the Australian Embassy on 8 April, the event was a terrific success. Thousands of Australian kids participate in the NAB Auskick program each year but the Australia Society barbie represented the first time such a clinic had been held in Japan. There was a tremendous response to the clinic with scores of footy starved kids, many wearing their footy jumpers, arriving at the Embassy eager to participate. A number of parents were equally pleased to see their kids get an opportunity to run around in some open space and participate in a healthy, outdoor activity. A few parents also welcomed the clinic because it provided the perfect distraction for their kids and an opportunity to have a glass of wine on a beautiful day in the embassy gardens. The clinic was conducted by five seasoned Goannas, Flanno, Rockin Ronnie, Ricey, Michael and Westy, all of whom were eager to pass on their dubious skills, or in some cases, do some much-needed practice. As the first timers to this tradition, the Goannas were keen to impress and if we had better players, we certainly would have brought them. Nevertheless, this was still a great chance for us to set up some targets and work on some basic skills to a) teach some kids the basics of footy and b) let some of the older kids have a kick and brush up on their skills. The number of kids that had their own club jumpers was pretty surprising. There really are a lot of footy-starved Australian families over here in Japan and with further clinics planned, the Goannas are very keen to integrate these families into the Goanna community and shore up extreme long-term draft picks. While the abilities where varied, all the kids took something from the day and proceedings culminated in a Dads handball competition which proved that while the body may be increasingly pear shaped, the skills remain. Only one of the Goannas made the final round of 8 people. Im sure that was just to let the others have a chance The Tokyo Goannas would like to thank the Australian Society, particularly Alison Quinliven, for organizing the day. The Goannas in attendance thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to hosting clinics again in the future. The Goannas would like to thank the National Australia Bank for its continuing support and also note our appreciation for the NABs support for junior football. All material used at the clinic was generously provided by NAB.