2006 NAB Tri-Series

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NAB Tri-Series 2006  – announcement


Below is a draft schedule for the day. We will need volunteers to help make sure that this is a smooth day. Please let me know if you are able to help out in goal umpiring, scoring, running water, etc etc. All help greatly appreciated. Please bring friends etc etc as it should be a great few hours out there and then at night so we can show the Shanghai lads some Tokyo hospitality.

Each team will play 2 games. Each game will be 2 x 20 minute halves with 7 minutes between each half. There will be approx 10 minute break between games.

Goannas players will probably get the bus from Tokyo Station at 950am, arrive 11am-ish

1200 – Team 1 v Team 2

1.00 – Team 1 v Team 3

2.00 – Team 3 v Team 2

We will play 10-12 players per side – depending on how many players Shanghai have as well as Hawks. Unlimited bench

The team that is not playing will provide umpire(s) and goal umpires, although we will try and find some volunteers before the day. 2 x 3,2,1 votes each game will be awarded for each game, with players with most votes receiving awards.

4 points for a win, 2 for a tie and no points for losing. Team with most points wins. If equal. Teams with best percentage wins. The winning team keeps the trophy until the next game.

Players play at own risk. Goannas will provide water.

There is a bus from the Radisson to Tokyo station at 1546, so we plan to arrive 5pm Tokyo station and China guys can transfer to Hotel.

7pm – Leave hotel for Clubhouse – see http://www.clubhouse-tokyo.jp/index2.html. Goannas will provide a few players to escort the group

8pm Post games function/Awards – The Clubhouse. I also understand that the Samurais are having a party this night, so this will be a good opportunity for the Shanghai guys to meet some of them also…