2006 Osaka Russells Footy Clinic

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Osaka Russells Footy Clinic 

Shane Flanagan (Vice President, Tokyo Goannas) joined Adam Reidy (Osaka Dingoes Football Club) to hold a football clinic for the Osaka Russells – a team comprised of boys and girls from 9-13 years – on 25 March, as part of the Goannas recent trip to Osaka. Eighteen kids from the Asahi-ward in Osaka participated in the clinic and displayed an impressive range of Aussie Rules skills. The obvious enthusiasm the kids displayed at the clinic will help to further develop their skills and will stand them in good stead in their future games against the Osaka Bilbies (womens team). The highlight of the session was a fast-paced handball game that demonstrated the excellent teamwork the kids have developed as well as the individual skills of some future star players. The clinics, which are held every Saturday by the Osaka Dingoes, are run with the cooperation and support of the Osaka Japan-Australia Society. The kids clinic provided an excellent example of grassroots-level exchange between Australia and Japan and received recognition as an official event for the 2006 Australia-Japan Year of Exchange.