2006 Goannas Sponsors

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Goannas 2006 Sponsors

Matt Hegarty President 

Dear Goannas, Members, Friends, I am pleased to announced that the National Australian Bank (http://www.nabasia.com/tokyo/en/default.asp) has agreed to join the ever-growing list of sponsors, keen to support to the Tokyo Goannas in 2006. All you Goannas Old Boys across Australia, and those in Japan, if you haven’t already, ditch your current banks and get on board with the NAB – a proud supporter of several AFL programs, such as the Rising Star Award and now the Tokyo Goannas in 2006. I am also pleased to say that Tsukaeru.Net (www.tsukaeru.net) have also agreed to increase their sponsorship with the Goannas and move into the Gold category after Corporate level support last year. Tsukaeru.net offer the most competitive complete web hosting rates and service levels in Japan. They also host our great website www.tokyogoannas.com Get on board and spread the word!! Both NAB and Tsukaeuru.net join long term supporter Hardys Wines (www.hardys.com.au) as GOLD sponsors. In terms of fine wines, no other Australia company has the history, tradition and level of excellence as Hardys. For over 150 years, Hardys has crafted some of Australia’s best-known and most popular wines – they truly are the “best wine under the sun.” Stay tuned for further details on how and where to purchase Hardys Wines in Japan. The respective logos of Hardys, NAB and Tsukaeru.net will adorn the new playing jumpers currently under order. CDS – a leading Tokyo based executive search company has also signed on for their second year as a Goannas Sponsor and are our 1st Silver Level sponsor in 2006. If you are a bi-ligual Japanese person looking to work for gaishikei companies or are a foreign company looking for staff in Japan, CDS is you place to visit – www.cds-consulting.com or speak to the President. IYP – Is-Your-Points-Payment – www.iyp.jp – Always free Personal and Business accounts. Sell products and services – get paid in IYP. Make marketing campaigns – give out IYP. Share IYP. Businesses can create simple HTML code after signing-in in a few simple steps. Partner with Tsukaeru.net and integrated into SWsoft’s HSPc solution (Also offered here on Goannas’ site!) SWsoft Inc., Japan – www.swsoft.com/jp – Virtualisation & Automation Software. SWsoft provides the only true OS-level virtualisation that powers the Internet (Goannas’ Server!) and Enterprise (Consolidate physical servers, reduce software license costs, management costs and have a super-automated, provisioned I.T. Infrastructure. JPY P.O.S. – https://jpy.swsoft.com Sponsorship discussions details with several other organisations are ongoing and these outcomes will be outlined in the upcoming Goannas newsletter – stay tuned. See you all at training or at the Clubhouse (www.clubhouse-tokyo.jp) – the favoured watering hole of all Goannas and venue of the famed Gentlemens Day and several Goannas social events. Membership (5000yen for players or 2000yen social members) entitles you to discounts at the Clubhouse on food and beer, while you are also eligible to receive tour subsidies as well as discounts to Goannas events. Time to pay up and get to the Clubby for some live sport and a few socially responsible drinks.