2006 Japanese Media Take Interest in Michito/Kase

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Japanese Media Take Interest in Michito/Kase

MUSASHI (Article in Japanese) have featured the pair on their website. The MUSASHI website also includes reports about each player MICHITO (in Japanese) and KASE (in Japanese) Also LIVEDOOR (in Japanese) have featured an article about the progress at Essendon of our two superstars.
At the end of March Japanese Universities have a two day recruiting window. Over these two days the footy clubs at each uni compete with rugby and soccer to attract new 1st year students. According to Waka of the Komazawa University Magpies, the success of Michito and Kase and the ensuing Japanese media attention will help the Universities to attract new members. The Universities always welcome any support from the Goannas. Please take the opportunity to join in the two days of recruiting activities. It is great fun and you will be promoting footy in Japan.

Since Michito Sakaki (Waseda University) and Tsuyoshi Kase (Senshu University) took part in the 2005 AFL draft camp, the pair began to attract a great deal of media attention. To date this attention came mostly from English based media. Now that the boys are training with Essendon the Japanese media is catching on. Below are some links to previous stories covered in various media.
The Mainichi Shimbun (in English) and (in Japanese)
And article in REAL FOOTY