2005 Senshu Uni Win Iida Cup

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2005 Senshu Uni Win Iida CupĀ 

The Senshu University Power defeated Union of University Leopards to win the University League Grand Final (2005 Iida Cup). The final was a well deserved result for Senshu University. Senshu have been the key to the success of footy in Japan for over 10 years and over this period have contributed nearly half of all the players to represent the Japan Samurai. After Senshu were defeated in 2004, they recruited 8 new players for 2005 and committed themselves to a serious assault on the 2005 Iida Cup. In the last few months leading up to the Cup, 4 games were decided by under 8 points. This indicates a fierce, competitive run to the line by all Universities. The Uni League Grand Final was no exception and with many changes in the lead was a see-sawing affair. Now the best players from the Universities have been chosen to represent the Samurai who will now turn ALL their attention to the JAFL GRAND FINAL on November 27 against the Tokyo Goannas. This Samurai team is without doubt the best ever seen. And the Uni League, Narita Cup, International Cup and Arafura Cup have given them the best preparation possible. The Goannas have the opportunity to take a third JAFL Grand Final in a row. But it will be the hardest battle of the Goannas 13-year history