2005 Osaka Dingoes Match Report

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2005 Osaka Dingoes Match ReportĀ 

On Sunday the 23rd of October we played a game at Yodagawa, Akagawa ground, with a total attendance of 47. First the ladies played a game (10 minutes each half). There were 14 ladies in the game and the game ended tied 13-13. The Women showed that their skills have improved greatly. Yukari, Juri, Sayaka and Kaori all displayed skills that would normally guarantee them as the Best On Ground (BOG) in any game. However, despite Takakos recent absence she played very well, and was probably the best player on the day. Rie who played her first game, played with great passion and spirit. The future is bright for the Bilbies. Following the women’s game we played a men’s game. The men’fs game (4, 15 minutes quarters) was played sides by 22 men. Osaka Dingoes (in black team). Junji, Hayashi, Gori, Joe, James, Manabu, Mao, Kieta, Mike, Adam and Brendan. Osaka Dingoes (in white team). Genki, Uozumi, Yamamoto, Hide Seki, Yamazaki, Iwasaki, Matt, Dan, Ishizuka, Stuart and Fukuchiyama. The game started well for the white team with an early goal scored by Matt. Important players for the white team were Matt as full forward, Yamamoto and Genki as rovers and Iwasaki at the back. Iwasaki was very mobile and had to be to keep Junji and Joe from scoring. The white team went into the second half with a clear lead, which by the end of the third quarter had been reduced thanks to the hard work of Adam, Brendan, Keita and Joe. Brendan can teach us all a lot in regard to avoiding tackles and kicking. However, come the forth quarter with the return of the Genki (despite his injuries) and thanks to Dan, Hide Seki and Matt the White team ended with a more than generous winning score line. Final score Black team: 22. White team 69. Umpire: John and Mizu san. Many thanks to you both for umpiring the match. Best On Ground (Chosen by John): Yamamoto. John felt despite him being relatively new to the game he showed a great deal of promise and did a good job as rover. In attendance were John, Andy Powell, Ebi and Mizu. Following the game 20 of us went in to Umeda and had a very good time. Many thanks to you all who attended. Many thanks to you who attended for the first time and we hope to see you again soon. Thank you to Matt, Hide Seki and Dan for traveling so far to play. Next game is on the 13th of November. Stuart.