2005 Goannas Farewell Jaya at Gentlemen’s Day

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Goannas Farewell Jaya at Gentlemen’s Day 

Written by President Hegs 

Gentlemen’s Day/Jaya’s Farewell Sunday the 7th of August was a steaming hot Tokyo summer’s day – a perfect day to spend inside in the airconditioned comfort of The Clubhouse in Shunjuku. Thirty players, supporters and their friends started gathering at 11am for cheap beer, poker, bonding and watching the Lions run over the top of the gallant Hawks. The day doubled as a fundraiser for the upcoming trip to Manila as we travel to compete in our first Asian Championships on September 10, as well as a farewell to the Man with the Biggest Calfs in Tokyo, Jaya (cousin of Will) Thursfield. Jaya is a GUN player for the Goannas and will be sorely missed! Trav. The Enigma assumed his position on the Blackjacket table and scared most punters off with his Odd Job-esque hat and demeanor, and after 4 hours of shuffling the decks, the Goannas posted a tidy profit of 500 yen (yes 500 yen) – not sure where who took my money, given the objective was to lose and raise money!! Overall, the day was a great success (despite the cricket loss) with over 100,000yen being raised for the Goannas. Special thanks to Pete and The Clubhouse for opening early and not kicking us out when some players decided that playing “darts in jocks” was a good idea. To those who didn’t make it – SOFT – you missed a great day.