2005 Gentlemens Day @ The Clubhouse

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Gentlemens Day @ The Clubhouse

Clubhouse this Sunday at 11 for a good day of games and drinking – as well as fundraising for the Club. We all get a bloody good deal for our membership so this is a chance to help keep the club afloat.,Gentlemens Dat at The Clubhouse,Fellas, this sunday is shaping up to be a pearler… What better way to spend a balmy, ballsweaty, muggy, humid sunday than in the pub with yer mates sinking piss?? Throw in some gambling (corrupt), darts (rigged), topless bar people (men) and sports live on the big screen (Australian Nat. Lawn Balls Cship) who could ask for a funner day? Seriously gents, we need to make this party as big as possible to raise some dough for the Japan Goannas assault on the asian champs in September.

The club is reimbursing a fair bit of cash for the blokes lucky enough to be going, so its now time to put a little bit back into the Goannas. Bring some of your mates along, have a few cold ones and forget about the stresses of life in Tokyo. From 11-4, even if ur not keen to tough it out the whole 5 hours (Bump and Grind will I bet…) make sure u come on down for a couple at least.

Im keen as mustard, and lets not forget it will the last chance you get to farewell the man who has reputably the largest calves north of the equator, CALVES Thursfield. Also be there at 3:30 as Calves officially handsover his mantle to a worthy successor, the trolley commander Anthony Millen, in what is sure to be a touching ceremony…. See u then lads, and in the meantime lets hope we stick it up the poms.