2005 Goannas vs Samurais

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2005 Goannas vs Samurais 

Written by Dan Shoulders McGrath

Sorry for the delay gents, but on the continual insistence of 6 goal hero President Helgus here is the match report…

A big Goannas squad assembled for the Sams final hit out before their trip to Oz with aims of leaving them battered and bruised (a plan incidentally that we have every game against them but rarely implement successfully… ). With Coach Kokomo Stames absent for the day, yours truly took over the magnet board and stopwatch with plans to play with the line up a little. Fortunately Mr Banting had located a new pair of red shorts, putting the whole Narita Cup tight short debacle behind him, even more fortunate was Lexamanis who had recovered from a broken leg, gangrene on his big toe, toothache and mild bout of pneumonia to pull on the red jumper. As expected a large crowd had gathered to farewell one of Narita`s favorite sons, Calves Thursfield. After reminding the boys not to get carried away with the emotions of the day the game got underway.

The Goannas jumped out the box quickly and built a handy lead. Pres Helgus was relishing his new role as a loose forward and 4 first quarter goals proved what a deadly finisher he is around the big sticks. Opportunistic roving and pack marks were a highlight of his first stanza, the Radisson ground has not been lit up in such an electrifying 20 minute burst of footy since…probably, Aussie`s goal frenzy against the Go-Kong last Narita Cup (there`s your plug Heggsy, was it subtle enough…?!). The Lizardmen had built a comfortable 25-point lead at quarter time and all seemed well. The 2nd quarter was the complete opposite of the first as we leaked goals in at an alarming rate. Micky Webb was a shining light with his dashing runs of half back and Ricey was getting his hands on plenty of the ball around the middle.

The intensity was there but a lack of;
a. Fitness
b. Skills
and c. Talk,

had us trudging to the halftime huddle 3 goals down.
The second half was a solid hour of even footy as we slowly chipped away at the lead. It seems from the sidelines we worked our arses of to put a major through and the Sams quickly replied each time. Bump & Grind was doing a great job on Crazyhorse and applying some submission holds that would’ve made George the Animal Steel proud. Lexamanis was having a solid game and capped it off with some great snapped goals in the last. Taishi took some solid hits to the head early but he struck back hard in the form of huge clothesline on the Sam’s best player, Michito. Great job Taishi, well make a Mad Dog Hunter Jnr out of you yet. Our Jakarta ring in Stevo was showing class all over the paddock despite still being maggoted from the night before, meanwhile Hookie Snr was showing glimpses of brilliance from his glory days of carving up Bayswater reserve. A gallant Goannas outfit kept pushing and got to within one goal but as is the norm with these games, the Sams kicked a couple of cheap goals at the death to flatter the scoreline. Calves pinch-hitting job up forward in the final quarter was a highlight and just what the vocal crowd wanted. Smokin Pete`s baulk and run around on the mark was by far the slowest I (and Im sure anyone in attendance) had ever seen and how the youthful, agile, fast Sams player on the mark fell for it really must put doubts in the young boys head about EVER playing footy again. Jonny H was battling his kicking demons as he not once but twice sliced the ball more than Ian Baker-Finch (IBF to those golf groupies) whilst the new Calves (trolley commander) was handy in the midfield and kept running hard. In the end though a 21 point loss was respectable and given the blokes to still come back into the team, we are definitely heading in the right direction. Great team effort, just lacked a little polish. The after game festivities carried into the pool and basketball court where former Under 14 Melbourne Tiger Jonny Holy-Rod nailed everything from downtown (no slicing problems in his b/ball game). Macca was living it up in the Sportsman’s bar by taking advantage of the complimentary baskets of popcorn on every table, how he digested the evil black and brown pieces has me puzzled. Not long now to the Manila trip. Lets make sure we all get down to training as much as possible and even for the blokes unlucky enough not to be going to the Asian Champs, a quick reminder that we have the domestic premiership to win later this year. Still plenty to play for this year and going by the way we are improving in our games we are gonna finish this season on a high.