2005 Simon Evans Inducted as Life Member of the Goannas

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Simon Evans Inducted as Life Member of the Goannas 

Written by Gareth Jones 

Simon is a three-time winner of the the Goannas Club Best and Fairest Award (1996, 1997, 1998) and was Goannas club president in 1998. This record is a huge contribution in itself. But Simon’s contribution to the Goannas and footy in Japan grew even more important after he left Japan. When Simon returned to Australia, most Goannas thought that this was going be a devastating loss to the club. However, from Australia Simon has been instrumental in setting up various exchanges and scholarships assisting Japanese players to play at the Box Hill North Football Club (BHN) in Melbourne. Also he has brought a BHN touring side to play in Japan’s premier international event, the Narita Cup, every year since 2002. As runners up twice and Narita Cup champions in 2002, BHN’s record in this event is second only to the Samurais. 2005 Samurais (Runners up Box Hill North) 2004 Samurais (Runners up Box Hill North/Irish) 2003 Singapore Wombats (Runners up Goannas) 2002 Box Hill North (Runners up Goannas) Simon’s efforts for the Goannas and Japan have been exceptional. However, his contribution to footy goes even further. A stroll through the BHN clubrooms shows that Simon’s contribution to footy is also enormous in his VAFA club. His name adorns the wall of the BHN clubrooms a number of times in gold lettering as BHN best and fairest and his name appears as president for more years than a Goannas can count. The Goannas believe this award recognizes, not only Simon’s work at the Goannas but for his work in promoting footy internationally. CONGRATULATIONS SIMON More About BHN BHN is the sister club of the Japan Australian Football Association and plays in the premier Victorian Amateur Football Association. There are currently 3 ex-Goannas, 1 ex-Gokon and an ex-Samurai (on scholarship) playing at Box Hill North. The club was involved in recruiting and training Melbourne based Japanese players for the 2002 International Cup and is helping the Japanese team”s campaign in the 2005 International Cup in August. Box Hill North has hosted the touring Samurai in many matches in Melbourne. Box Hill North have toured Japan every year since 2002 and were Narita Cup Champions in 2002 and runners up in 2004 and 2005.