2005 Samurais Outstanding in Osaka

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Samurais Outstanding in Osaka

Unlike the Goannas, the Samurais have a terrific record in Osaka. On Sunday February 27, the Samurais took on a combined Kansai Kangaroos/Osaka Dingoes team and won convincingly. At the beginning of last season (February 2004), the Samurais travelled to Osaka and won a tough encounter against a combined Kansai Kangaroos/Osaka Dingoes team. In what is becoming a regular event, the Samurais also opened their 2005 season in Osaka. However, this year they totally overwhelmed the local side. Final score was Samurais 100 points, Kansai Kangaroos/Osaka Dingoes 24.


As with all trips to Osaka the local teams–Kansai Kangaroos, Osaka Dingoes, Bilbies and Russells–put on a great day of footy. One of the highlights in the lead up to the main match was a mixed mens/womens game.


With the Goannas trip to Osaka fast approaching (MARCH 26, 27), lizards should remind themselves that in previous seasons our scoreline in early season encounters with Samurais often look similar to Osaka’s scoreline last Sunday. Also, it is a good time to remind ourselves that THE GOANNAS HAVE NEVER WON A GAME IN OSAKA.


Vice President Dan McGrath is convinced that 2005 is the year we can overcome that dreadful record. Contact VP Dan soon and sign up for the tour to Osaka.