2005 Old Samurais Meet Current Generation

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Old Samurais Meet Current Generation

Written by Dan McGrath




Football in Japan has a history extending back to 1987. Since then 100’s of Japanese players have come through the university system. While most of these Japanese players cannot find the time to play after graduation, due to the pressures of work and family, most remain passionate about footy. Over the years the Old Boys have provided financial and moral support to the younger active uni students and their contribution is highly valued. The links between the old and new generation are maintained through parties such as the one in Shibuya on February 19.


On Saturday February 19 at a venue in Shibuya the Samurai Old Boys met with the current Samurai team. With over 50 people in attendance, the party provided an excellent opportunity for the old guard to share their experiences dating back to 1987 when the current JAFL league began.


The party was also an opportunity to welcome the incoming JAFL president, Miyasaka, a graduate of Meiji University (1996). President Miyasaka presented a speech outlining his aspirations for the 2005 season.


In the words of Mr. Wakazato (Komazawa University 3rd Year), The current Samurai team are highly grateful for this precious opportunity to listen to the stories and exploits of the old boys who pioneered footy in Japan. I am impressed by the people and friendships that have developed over the years through Australian football and this has provided me with renewed vigor as we head into one of the biggest seasons of Australian Football for the Samurais. The 2005 Samurais are committed to provide their best efforts in a program that includes the Arafura Cup (Darwin), the Narita Cup (Tokyo), the International Cup (Melbourne).