2005 Season is Soon to Begin

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2005 Season is Soon to Begin

Written by Gareth Jones


Season 2005 is shaping up to be a great year for the Goannas.



The big goals for the club are:

·       Win Ned Kelly Cup for 2nd consecutive year (March 19 SATURDAY)

·       Win our first game in Osaka

·       Win our first Narita Cup (QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY 11-12June)

·       Win the Grand Final.(End of November)

·       We definitely have the team to achieve all 4 goals. How will the Goannas respond to this challenge??

·       The first two events fast approaching are the Ned Kelly Cup (March 19 SATURDAY) and our road trip to Osaka (March 27, SUNDAY).


As St. Patrick Day draws near it is time for Goannas to remind themselves of the importance of the Ned Kelly Cup (March 19 SATURDAY). This is always a fiercely contested event in front of a big crowd. The Ned Kelly Cup is the last team event of the Irish Sports Day. Everyone involved in the earlier events soccer, hurling etc gather to watch Ireland vs Australia battle for the honor of holding the Ned Kelly Cup.


Ned Kelly Cup returns to Goannas after 5 years

The Goannas finally took the Cup back in 2004 after it spent 5 years in the Irish trophy cabinet. The Cup now sits proudly in the Clubhouse and represents the re-emergence of the Goannas as a footy club. All the Goannas who took part in JAFL Grand Final 2004 are part of a team and a club that is finally coming together. It has been a struggle. Our 5 consecutive losses from 1999-2003 (see the Cup history below) are a good indication that the Irish love this precious silverware and are very capable of taking it back. The Irish will be fired up by their loss in 2004; their first loss in 6 years and can be expected to throw everything at the Goannas in order to get the Cup back. Faced with a vengeful Irish this year, the Goannas (2004 Ned Kelly Cup Champions; 2004 JAFL Premiers and 2004 Narita Cup Quarter Finalists) have a chance to show what they are made of.


The Ned Kelly Cup has been contested 12 times the Irish have won 8 and Goannas only 4 times. The Goannas have never won the Ned Kelly cup in consecutive years. In 2005, we have a tremendous opportunity to win back-to-back for the first time. We have a great team and a new committee that is keen on success. (See below for history of Ned Kelly Cup)


Road Trip to Osaka

The Goannas have never won a game in Osaka. How can this situation be allowed to stand? All our trips to Osaka have been tremendously successful off-field. The Osaka teams welcome us warmly on the Saturday night and the party atmosphere is only rivaled by the Narita Cup. In 2005, Vice President Dan McGrath has done a fabulous job organizing things with his counterparts in Osaka. This year Osaka booked great facilities including a ground with grass.



History of Ned Kelly Cup

The Cup began in March 1993. Two games were played its inaugural year March and November.



  • 1993 March    Ireland             
  • 1993 November Australia (Goannas)
  • 1994  —No record of a game in 1994—
  • 1995 Ireland
  • 1996 Australia (Goannas)
  • 1997 Ireland                                         
  • 1998 Australia (Goannas)              
  • 1999 Ireland
  • 2000 Ireland
  • 2001 Ireland
  • 2002 Ireland                                          
  • 2003 Ireland                                         
  • 2004 Australia (Goannas)             
  • 2005  who