2005 Box Hill North FC Enters Cyberspace

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Box Hill North FC Enters Cyberspace 

Written by Gareth Jones 

http://www.boxhillnorthfc.com.au The Box Hill North Football Club plays a very important role in developing footy in Japan. Some of the activities BHN conduct to help us out include looking after the Samurais when they visit Melbourne, playing practice games against the touring Samurais and hosting Japanese scholarship players (beginning with Taishi Tsukagoshi in 2003). They also come to Japan every year for the Narita Cup — winning the event in 2002 and runners up in 2004 (BHN-Irish composite team) — and send a BHN player on a half scholarship to live, train and play with the Samurais for six weeks each year. Our relationship with BHN developed after 1998-Goannas-president Simon Evans (also Goannas Best and Fairest for a record three consecutive years) returned to Melbourne and took up a strong organizational role at BHN. The BHN club is proud of its multicultural background and extending Japan and Japanese players under its wing is an act of goodwill which has helped us to promote footy in Japan. Sometimes the geographical distance between BHN and the Goannas might seem great but we have 5 years of cooperation under our belts now and the relationship can only get stronger. With the new Box Hill North Web site now up and running that geographical distance becomes less of an impediment. Please take the chance to look over the Web site of our best friends in Australia. http://www.boxhillnorthfc.com.au