2004 Komazawa University Certified as Official Uni Club

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Komazawa University Certified as Official Uni Club

Komazawa University Australian Rules Football Club(Black and White) has become the second university in Japan after Senshu University (Port Adelaide colours) torecieve certification by its university administration and is now an officially recognized club. This achievement is a result of the hard work of Seto andWaka (two mainstay players for the Japan Samurais). Official certification as a club means they will be featured in the Komazawa University handbook and Web page and can now more easily book venues and run functions at their university.


The certification process was an exacting task and took over a year to complete. The process included a mountain of paperwork and interview process. The recent announcement has encouraged the lads atKomazawa University who played very well in their first year in the University league.


Gareth Jones

Life Member and Ex-VP