Goannas Go Down Fighting

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Goannas  Down in the Dust
Another tough game for the Goannas on Sunday that might have to be renamed “Dust Bowl 2003” where the grass started on the wrong side of the boundary. It was wire brush and Dettol all round after the game. A real ding dong battle with a big final quarter from the boys. The final score of 72-17 to the Samurai did not do justice to the grit and determination shown by the strongest Goannas team fielded this year. Once again, match run down from coach Cameron.Unfortunately the final score in the first match of the season between the Goannas and the Samurais doesn’t give a correct gauge for the Goannas effort and endeavour, and how in fact it was a tough hard game played in trying conditions.The first quarter was played at a frenetic pace, tough and hard, a trait we will expect from the Goannas unit. Scores were close, however there were signs of ‘the midfield’ players from the Samurais getting on top with clear possession from the ruck that was enabling the Samurais to have first use of the ball. Early in the second term they jumped to a handy lead with quick, skillful, running play and five goals in no time. It was all uphill for the Goannas from then, but the boys showed no signs of ever giving up.

The third quarter started with a shuffle of the ruck and forward players for the Goannas and the team held strong but could not capitalise when it came to scoreboard pressure. With some lapses in the backline for the Goannas the Samurais put through a few more and it was just a matter of the Goannas showing they don’t give in.

In the fourth quarter the game was being played as fast as it began and players from both sides were tested with some very physical collisions, with a few boys making a trip to hospital. Tempers frayed and Hoshi and Kris were sent off. Think the Sams were frustrated at seeing a still running Goannas side in the final quarter.

The Goannas team played with strength and determination and it is a shame that the score of 72 to 17 tells another story. There were blocks of time where the Goannas dominated the play but lacked a crumbing forward to put us on the scoreboard.

Best players for the Samurais; Seto and Kasei with Michito being awarded a well deserved best on ground.

Best players for the Goannas; Kristian gathered polished possessions everywhere from the centre to full forward and Nick H played with G and D (guts and determination) all over the ground.

Final scores: Samurai 72 def. Goannas 17
Honourable mentions: Seto, Kasei, Kristian, Nick Howes
Best on Ground: Michito



Report written by Cameron Brooker