2002 Goannas vs Samurai

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Goannas V Samurais

Written by Coach Jimmy


The practice game was quite an enjoyable contest for all involved. A Goannas team mixed with familiar faces and some new blood fresh off the plane took on a Samurais team hoping to show off their latest draft picks. In a ten a side contest, the Goannas won the junken, and decided  to kick with a strong breeze in the first quarter.

Getting out of the blocks quickly the Goannas kept the ball in their forward line for most of the 15 min quarter. But inaccurate kicking let them down. First gamers Nick (Tucky) and Nick (Eppo) showing their worth.

In the second, the experienced members of the Sams got in the action and showed us how to kick the ball straight kicking a quick two goals, taking the lead. However, with Happy Steve, Jezza and Nanpa Trev finally figuring out where the ground was and joining in, the Goannas kicked a couple of goals into the wind to even it up. At the break Sams up by 2 points.

It was in the 3rd that the Goannas proved they were still the team to beat, as they poured on 7 goals to none with the wind. Newcomers Blake and Tim.B popped in with a heap of possies, with Blake kicking a huge goal before going down later in the game with an ankle. In the back lines Jamie and Jarrad were performing well. Jarrad kept the smaller and quicker Shiba quiet, as every time Shiba had the ball and saw Jarrad chasing him, he promptly shat himself.

When it came down to the last quarter, the Goannas had a handy 40 point lead and it looked all over. The Pres put in a fine performance and decided to relieve Kim of umpiring duties for the last quarter. Kim promptly succeeded in going out to do as much damage to Shiba as he could. Young Joel also chimed in with some kicks running off the wing. Non-Smokin’ Pete also had some fun running through the Sams, although at times forgot to kick the ball. In the end, it was a good performance which can only reflect on a good season to come. Again thanks to Rachel and Migi for helping out and doing the barbie (also Joel and Pres) Goannas Samurais
1 7 13 0 0 0
3 8 26 4 4 28
10 11 71 4 4 28
12 11 83 6 6 42


  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Final
Goannas 1.7 (13) 3.8 (26) 10.11(71) 12.11  (83) 83
Samurai 0.0  (0) 4.4   (28) 4.4 (28) 6.6 (42) 42

Goannas Best: All played well
injuries: Blake (ankle)
Plays of the Day: Chucks delight at Slims Goal umpiring decision.
Kim (F***ingu Kimu) giving Shiba a souvenier scratch from the game.

Coach Jimmy