2002 Goannas Agm

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For those of you are unaware and/or interested. The new committee
which was decided at the AGM on Sunday is:

President – Tim Richards
Secretary – Rachel Howden
Treasurer – Shane Siibra
Social Events – Callum Mcaree
Public Relations – Troy Beard
Coach – Jimmy Hill
Bungara – Kim Bebbington
Property Steward – To be decided

AGM time also means that your last years membership has expired.
Please support the club and pay your membership fees of 1500 yen for
this year. Membership entitlements include; discounts on certain
beers and wine at the Clubhouse on Thursday nights and other Goannas
official functions, a chance to win the 1000 yen draw on Thursday
nights and reduced playing costs. So join up and support the club.

This Thursday there will be footy on at the Clubhouse. The raffle,
donated by Garna, will also start this Thursday with proceeds helping
fund the Box Hill boys coming to the Fosters Sugidaira Cup. The
raffle will be drawn each Sunday afternoon when the previous Friday
nights game will be replayed. Garna will also donate 50 yen from
every Red Back beer (if delivered, if not, some other beer) from now
until the Fosters Sugidaira Cup on any night. So if you are at the
Clubhouse drinking beer, drink Red Back and show Garna your
membership card.

So, get on down to the Clubhouse on Thursday nights, pay your
membership, drink lots of Red Backs, help sell raffle tickets, buy
lots of raffle tickets (they’re really cheap), and have a good time!

See you there,
Goannas Secretary