2002 Goannas Season

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2002 Goannas Season



This year is expected to be one of the most exciting and event filled years the J.A.F.A has seen since its development some 10 years ago. With the World Cup coming up in August and the I.A.F.C cup in June there are some great opportunities to promote our game all over the world. On the local scene we have put into place a schedule for this year pitting the Goannas, Samurais and Gokonsagainst each other throughout the year in a series of matches once again culminating in the J.A.F.A Grand Final. There will be a ladder and voting system in place to determine the G.F and B&F for the JAFA competition. As well we are fortunate to have Melbourne fs Box Hill North Football Club joining us in Sugidaira for an action packed weekend.

The Sugidaira Cup will be a memorable one this year with a round robin competition in place, I suggest we get in some training soon.Recruiting for the Samurais begins in April and this is the most important time of the year for the Samurais to get some fresh meat on their team. If you are willing and able to help out please call Yasu 09060428414. If you can spare a half day at one of theUniversities (checking out the chicks) helping to promote the game that will bemost appreciated. Please give it some consideration as it is very important that we get new players involved in the game. Hoshi (Samurais new Captain no.23) will be having some trainingsessions in April and would like some of the Goannas to come along.
Plans at this stage are:


  • April 7 : Training session (ground to be decided)
  • April 14: Training session followed by drinks at the Club House
  • April 21: BBQ
  • April 28 Training session followed by drinks at the Club House.

Let give him as much support as we can on these days and get some training in ourselves. Our first hit out will be the Ned Kelly Cup on March 16, this is always a great day and we need to redeem ourselves and get the Cup back on our shelf. I know it’s a Saturday but let’s try and do our best to start the year off on a winning note. This will also be my last event as president so I wanna go out with a win. Let’s go guys, givem heaps.
The first official game of the season will be in May followed by the Sugidaira Cup in June. That will immediately be followed by the I.A.F.C Cup (June 21~ 28) in Darwin. Please if you want to attend these events, begin making preparations for time off etc NOW. One game in July as well as a fund raising event (yet to be decided, open to suggestions) for the Japanese boys going to Aus in August.

The International Cup will be held in August (15~23) and the JAFA will be represented by a combined Samurais/Gokons team, if you would like to be involved in this event please start making preparations
now. It will be a great opportunity for us to get some exposure etc. We are looking for sponsors for the boys as well, so if you have any ideas please let us know.

The AFL Grand Final day will be held once again at the Club House and is one of the biggest events on our calendar so tell your friends about it when the time comes.

The Bali 9s will be held in October and would be a great chance to have a kick, get a suntan and do some cheap shopping. So once again if you are into that start planning. 2 more games for us in October and possibly November with the Grand Final being played on the last Sunday in November or the first Sunday
in December.
As you can see it is going to be a jam packed year for us so we are going to need a lot of help around the club. The annual general meeting will be held in April so please make a point of attending and putting in your two bobs worth. All positions once again will be up for grabs so if you have a nomination be there. If you just want to help out during the year but cannot commit to a committee position that is also very much appreciated so please voice that to us at the meeting.


The Club House is back into full swing on Thursday nights again so get down and have a drink with the boys/girls and be a chance to win the Lucky Draw (members only) remember you have to be there to win

Finally I would like to thank all the people that helped me out this year. I thoroughly enjoyed my reign as Pres and look forward to being involved in some capacity this year. There were many people who went
out of their way to make 2001 a successful year and I was pleased with the results for the Club. Thank you to the ladies who got behind the club this year, I hope that trend will continue again this year.

A special thanks to Garna for all his efforts and support throughout the year, thanks to his support the Goannas really felt like a Club this year. Thanks to the committee and especially Coach Chuck who must be commended on his efforts throughout the season, especially towards the end, rumour has it that he is Still Fresh.

The Club is looking good and the joint efforts with the Japanese boys really made last year a success. Rememberits OUR game so letonce again be Proud Aussies and have a great year.

Peter Hosking
President (until April)
Goannas Football Club