Samurai V Goannas

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Match Report, Sunday 29th April, 2001
Samurai 87 def, Goannas 76.
By Military Matt

Well, it was a game of 4 quarters, the better team won and footy was the winner on the day. Things started slowly after Ryan took the wasuremono option and discovered the boots were at home.  Thatï½¹s what you get for driving all the time ï½­ they always say it on JR. To add insult to injury, Tim`s boots were also with his, so there were now two gaijin instead of one looking for new boots. Urawa can cater for such a request, but these things take time

Meanwhile back at the ground, the Japanese boys were getting a little edgy as the 1pm start came and went without seeing a single Goannas player ready to play. Shoganai. The Urawa groundsmen do a better job than NTT though, as there were too many blades of grass to count on one hand this time. The conditions were good for footy with maybe a slight breeze operating in the first quarter. The buzz of the radio controlled cars simply added to the atmoshphere. Yasu had rounded up some friends and there were maybe 20 or 30 other people wondering what all these gaijin were about to do. The warm up is not usually eventful, but Aaron, Shanes`s mate who looked like he had a few goals in him, went out for a kick then pulled up lame. We hope he will be 100% for the next game.

In the first quarter, Ryan worked in the new boots with a few points, but they eventually came good. The Goannas managed to jump a few goals clear by the end of solid quarter. As an aside, it was a good first quarter for the super-coach, Shane, returning after finishing his 3 year/150 Million contract with the Samurai.

In the second quarter, Mal in the Ruck simply killed it. The Goannas won the ball out of the centre beautifully on every occasion. Jeffrey, in his last official game before returning to Oz grew a third leg and was into everything and just about everywhere. Actually, I think I heard the same thing from a few of Jeff`s girls on the internet. Tim followed up his BOG performance of last week with another scintillating assortment of bustling runs and bone crushing defence. (Pause, to wipe shit from keyboard). When the ball did head into our defensive line, Smokin Pete, Biscuits and Gary were there to stop the rot.

The championship quarter was played like a championship quarter should be and the Goannas went out to a 7 goal lead. Everyone stepped up a gear especially Steve, Koizumi, David and Kevin, all of which played some good footy. Kevin, in his first game for the Goannas made excellent position and racked up some useful posessions. Unfortunately, my contribution was to give away a free kick for a throw, which made me hark back to my military days when the coach would just shake his head and say ï½³fucking rugby players.ï½²

The final quarter was where things started to fall apart. It was as though we went for the glad wrap and the rubberband, because things just fell to pieces. Once again we were running straight into a strong breeze, which we know with our levels of fitness is just a recipe for disaster. To their credit, the Samurai players lifted a gear and dobbed everything they had a go at. Their #14 (The Hair?), played himself to a standstill and was the deserving recipient of the BOG award. Mal and Tim were my picks for the Goannas.

After everything was said and done, we all had a good game and were covered in dust, so what better than to visit the local Sento. The sento selected was a cross between an Izakaya and a swimming centre, and was pretty darn good.  The locals were quite friendly and the mandatory obasan in the changerooms didn`t disappoint. After a time, some of the Samurai boys turned up, then finally Yasu having completed his taxi duties of girls to the station. The next port of call was the proper Izakaya across the street where Smokin Pete introduced us all to Meiwaku and the JAFA word for the day, salubrious.

The trip on the way home was also filled with excitement after Biscuits needed a snake`s hiss and we pulled over to the side of the road. Yuko attempted to back track logically down a small side street, but was put under the pump by the only car within 2 km at the time. We eventually found the freeway again after what couldn`t have been more than 20 minutes.

JAFA word for the day: enallage (an effective grammatical error)


The Beauty of Life – Peter Hosking

You canï½¹t beat it, can you? I mean. The cry of a newborn baby, the freshness of a winter breeze tickling your cheeks as you take a morning stroll. The gamboling of a spring lamb and the dewdrops glistening upon verdant greenery as day breaks.

Marvellous. Romantic. It soothes the soul.

We should all take more time to truly appreciate the things which nature, at Godï½¹s hand, saw fit to bless us with.

Indeed. Be grateful.

How often do we take ï½³time outï½² to listen to the call of the birds in the trees, to hear the waves lap against a sandy shore

And when the new growth appears upon the trees, do we really appreciate it as we should?

You have never truly lived until you have enjoyed all of Godï½¹s creations in their true and unfettered beauty.

And I say to you, you have never seen true beauty unless you were fortunate enough to have experienced within the sylvan surroundings of a family park in Saitama, 12 Old Gaijins, standing around in their jocks, ï½³WAITING FOR RYAN TO BRING THE FUCKING GEARï½².

Hallelujah Brothers

Smokin Pete