The Ned Kelly Cup

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 Ned Kelly Cup

The Goannas and the Irish  had great friendships in the starting years of football in Japan and this led to the beginning of the Ned Kelly named after the famous Australian Bush Ranger.The instigators of the game Gerry Moran and Niahil Day of Paddy Foley’s fame. The format of the game was two halves one with the round ball and the other with the Aussie Rules Ball. The game was played twice a year once near St Paddy’s day and the other when the Goannas were playing football in November. They were always great days and a lot of fun. Unfortunately the games ceased in 2006 but we hope to reintroduce the tradition.

The Cup began in March 1993. Two games were played its inaugural year—March and November.

  • 1993 March –Ireland Irish 51, Goannas 45.
  • 1993 November –Australia (Goannas).
  • 1994 –No record of a game in 1994.
  • 1995 Ireland (by 2 points). Played at a high school out near Kita Senju. The Irish won by 2 points. Two-year Goanna-regular Ronan McLuaghlin played for the Irish this day and kicked a goal for Ireland after the final siren.
  • 1996 Australia (Goannas).
  • 1997 Ireland Irish 97, Goannas 55.
  • 1998 Australia (Goannas) Goannas 47, Irish 34.
  • 1999 Ireland.
  • 2000 Ireland.
  • 2001 Ireland.
  • 2002 Ireland (by 1 point).
  • 2003 Ireland Irish 60, Goannas 54.
  • 2004 Australia (Goannas) Goannas 28, Irish 21.
  • 2005 Ireland.
  • 2006 Ireland (First game to apply standard International Rules)